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Unicef Outright Campaign 2020

OutRight is Unicef UK’s annual youth campaign that empowers children and young people to speak out about children’s rights on World Children’s Day – 20 November – the anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It’s a campaign by children, for children, that helps children and young people to promote and protect children’s rights in the UK and around the world.

Beatlie is one of more than 5,000 Unicef UK Rights Respecting Schools across the UK that embed children’s rights in their ethos and culture.

We hope that through the campaign not only the children got to experience how climate change is making an impact on our planet and they have had the freedom to express their feelings and understanding of what they have  participated in but you have also:

  • Learnt about climate change and its impacts
  • Learnt how climate change and its impacts affect children’s rights
  • Use your voices to call on decision-makers to take actions on climate change that prioritise children’s rights.

Please have a look at our fantastic children having fun and learning over the last 3 weeks culminating with World Children’s Day.


Outright Campaign 2020

As part of our commitment to the Outright Campaign and speaking out for the rights of our children we have been using the Story Massage Programme which combines the benefits of positive touch with the creativity of storytelling.

In this story we have addressed the issue of Climate Change and how it is affecting  our planet which is having adverse effects on our children’s rights across the world.



UNICEF Soccer Aid 2020


As a Rights Respecting School, Beatlie strive to support each other and those in need. Of course with so many changes in our lives at the moment it can make it difficult to participate in activities where we can come together – which we have all grown to love.

So my solution is to have fun at home with the family and support Soccer Aid for Unicef  – the world’s biggest celebrity football match, raising money to give kids the best start in life.


Sunday 6 September,  6.30pm

England v Soccer Aid World XI FC

Watch on ITV & STV

Music with Gordon 27 May

What to do today

Please join in with the activities below. The more who can join in, the more fun, too. Not all of the activities are for everyone, so just do the ones you enjoy and as many times as you like.

Play along using any kind of instrument or use body percussion – clapping, tapping, clicking, stamping your feet.

Activities (links below)

  1. Hello Song
  2. Bounce and catch
  3. Sing Charlie Over the Ocean. Watch the video first to see how to do it. Then you can get your own soft toys and join in or else watch and sing.
  4. Ride a Horse. Get a teddy bear or favourite soft toy to bounce on your knee for this song. Maybe a grown-up will bounce you on their knee.
  5. Funga Alafia: Copy the actions in the videos and join in this song from Nigeria in West Africa. The words are in the Hausa language and mean “Give us peace/ thank you thank you”
  6. Time to move. Play the instruments along to the video or get up and dance. If you like, get a scarf to play with. This week we have two old ska classics from Jamaica by The Ethiopians that have a train theme — Last Train to Skaville and Engine 54. Can you move like a train to these?
  7. Time to relax. This week we are listening to Celeste by Roger and Brian Eno. Brian Eno played with Roxy Music and worked with U2. He also invented ambient music and the two brothers often create music together. If you like this, you might enjoy making music on the Bloom app, which Brian Eno created.
  8. Goodbye Song

Hello Song

It’s a time to settle down for some music and there are lots of ways to join in. Use it on its own or before doing another music activity.

  1. Join in and sing, clap, tap and move along to the song!
  2. Maybe you can try using your voice
  3. Sign hello
  4. Tap fast and slow
  5. Sign “Stop” at the end
  6. Have fun!


Hello, hello
Very nice to see you
Hello hello,
How are you today?
Hello, hello
Very nice to see you
Hello hello,
How are you today?
We say “Hello”
We’re very pleased to see you
We say “Hello”

(can you say and sign hello?)

We say “Hello”
We’re very pleased to see you
We say “Hello”

(tap along with the music, sign “Stop” at the end)

More ideas with this video

  • If you can’t tap along, maybe a friend can tap your arm or foot for you so that you can feel the beat of the music.
  • Can you stamp your feet to the music? Can you tap your shoulders or your head? Move your fingers
  • Maybe try playing along with a shaker, or tap something that makes a sound that you like. A box of cereal?

Bounce and Catch

Charlie Over the Ocean

Sing and join in: Ride a Horse

Sing and join in: Five Buzzy Bees

Sing and join in: Funga Alafia

Time to move around or play your instrument


Chill and relax

Goodbye Song


Hello from Hopetoun

Hello everyone.                                                                                                                     What a strange time we’re all going through.                                                      It was a sad finish to term three.                                                                                As always it was a busy term. We were doing all our regular groups, going out to play, going for walks and visiting the shop and library. Some of our children went swimming and two went horse riding for the first time, and they loved it.                                                                            Our children always enjoy our bag groups – Interactive story            bag – The Three Little Pigs, anticipation bag and song bag. They’re always engaged and participate well and have favourites when choosing a song. We’ve also  seen some great indicating for their turn, using their switch or by signing me.                                                        We also got some new switching toys and the children had a great time trying them out.                                                                                                   We did lots of lovely art work including some for our coffee morning. We also made some yummy cake and biscuits using fair trade ingredients.                                                                                                                I hope you’re all managing to keep busy and are enjoying some of the activities that have been posted here and in the learning journals.  It would be lovely if we get back to some normality soon, but I think it’s going to take longer then we hope.                                                                            I’m missing the children but the main thing is for you all to keep safe and well.                                                                                                                                      Take care                                                                                                                                Helen 😊