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Ukraine Collection Update


What an amazing response to our appeal – we even had donations from members of the local community and our neighbour Letham Primary!

Yesterday I filled my car, so today I brought my big car…..and I still ran out of space and had to call on help!

We had so many donations of wipes and nappies, plus some baby powder and food, so we have donated some of these to a charity preparing baby boxes to make sure everything gets to where it is needed the most.



Thank you again to everyone who donated, you are all amazing!


Collection for the Ukraine


What more is there to say, our Beatlie families have risen to the challenge again!

We have collected an amazing amount already but there is still time to send in any donations before midday tomorrow (Thursday 3rd March).

I am going to drop-off all the donations made so far this afternoon as I think if I wait till tomorrow it won’t all fit in my car!!!

All donations from the original list will be gratefully received but in particular we are looking for:

  • children’s medication
  • adult painkillers
  • nappy cream
  • bandages
  • plasters
  • antiseptic creams & sprays
  • medical gloves
  • batteries
  • torches
  • feminine products
  • toothpaste & toothbrushes

Thank you all for being soooooo amazing!!!

Ochiltree Memories from Term 2 2021


What a year it has been so far – lots and lots of fantastic achievements made in 2021! There are so many memories I wanted to share that I have made a Sway for each of the children!

We have also been enjoying sharing our good work each week when we are sending home our baking, craft work and plants – I think the escorts are beginning to wonder what will come next!

We are truly grateful that we have had the opportunity to participate in so many great activities this year both in our own class and with Duntarvie! Lets keep our fingers crossed that we will continue in the new year!!!

Christmas Wishes to you all from Ochiltree xcx





World Food Day Poster Competition

World Food Day was highlighted and celebrated on the 16th October. As part of our learning here at Beatlie we looked food journeys and how/why we can and should do better.

To share our learning we all participated in a poster competition – please have a look at the great work we all had fun making! Some more photos may also be shared on their Learning Journals.



Ochiltree Term 1

I cannot believe that it is October already!

We have had a fabulous start to the year and have been enjoying our extended bubble with Duntarvie and participating in lots of new activities with all our friends from there!

So what have we been up to…..

We had a very successful litter pick around Craigshill but we were very surprised at how little litter there was about – the community have come together and have made fantastic changes around the area. We were also able to see how well our flowers have been growing at the street signs we planted before the summer – this caught on and there are lots of streets around doing the same now!

It was lovely to see Luca’s family and they had fun joining us for a walk around the Almond – it was a shame that you could not all join us but hopefully we will see you all soon at other school events.

We are all working hard on our qualifications this year – ASDAN and SQA projects as well as our IEP targets. William and Aria are doing lots together and are joined by Charlie for topic work, Luca is joining the Duntarvie class for lots of activities and Sophie is joining her friends from Duntarvie for lots of movement and sensory activities.

Catherine has been conducting the topic – Looking After My Body and the children have loved all the fun activities she has been doing – they especially enjoyed the smelling and tasting activity. Catherine has also been doing Drama which Luca and Sophie have been going to and they love it – hopefully we will be able to put on a show for you at Christmas or at the end of the year!

The children are all getting to try out new activities, experience new things and encouraged to be as independent as they can be building skills for adulthood! They are a great help carrying out their class jobs, Eco tasks and helping out in the community.

There are so many things I could rave about but I must leave space for some pictures.

Please click on the link below to see a fantastic video of our stars at work and play.









World Food Day 2021

World Food Day 2021 Theme, Activities, Quotes, Slogan and Wishes


World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on the 16th October; the date that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FOA) was founded in 1945. First commemorated by the FOA in 1979, World Food Day aims to promote healthy diets and eradicate hunger issues by 2030.


World Food Day adopts a new theme every year, with previous themes including Family Farming (2014) and Our Actions are our Future (2018).

The theme for 2021 is ‘Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow’ which stresses that production and consumption of safe food have “immediate and long-term benefits for people, the planet, and the economy.”


Beatlie will be raising awareness by participating in a poster competition – keep an eye out for the great work our pupils will produce!



World Smile Day 1st October 2021

Lots of pupils and staff dressed in yellow for World Smile Day on Friday and we raised £90 for Carers of West Lothian. Thanks to all parents and staff who contributed.

Classess all celebrated in different ways – some looking for smile emojis during a local walk, others making some smile themed art and one class having a relaxing footspa all at the same time since this is an activty that makes them all smile!


Community Litter Pick

This week Beatlie participated in their first litter pick of the new school session and can I just say…….

I think we could be out of a job! What a fantastic improvement in the area all thanks to the local community coming together over the past year or so to make improvements to the local environment and we have noticed – WELL DONE.

As we know the problem of litter will not be eradicated and we will continue to support the school, Craigshill and beyond to do our bit to reduce the impact on the climate!

Thank you to all the staff and pupils for participating and doing their best on what turned out to be a beautiful day to tackle the litter.

We will keep you posted for the next one, meanwhile enjoy having a look at our fantastic team working hard.

Ochiltree 2021/22

I cannot believe I am writing 2021/22 already!

In saying that we are all so happy to be back at school and ready to get into action with all the new and exciting changes happening in the secondary department.

This year we are hoping to be more interactive with each other and experience and participate in new group activities with our friends from Duntarvie.

The children will all continue to work on building their personal skills to develop their independence where possible as well as working on life skills through SQA and ASDAN qualifications.

There are also lots of whole school activities to look forward to and fingers crossed we will be able to see you all soon back at school for some Beatlie socialising.

There are a few new faces in Ochiltree and we are enjoying getting to know one another. This year we have Aria, Luca, Sophie, William, Vanessa and Rylie who will be supported and encouraged by Sandra, Alison, Anna, Caitlin, Louisa and Emma with Catherine covering when required.

The Ochiltree 2021-2022 Team