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World Food Day Poster Competition

World Food Day was highlighted and celebrated on the 16th October. As part of our learning here at Beatlie we looked food journeys and how/why we can and should do better.

To share our learning we all participated in a poster competition – please have a look at the great work we all had fun making! Some more photos may also be shared on their Learning Journals.



World Food Day 2021

World Food Day 2021 Theme, Activities, Quotes, Slogan and Wishes


World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on the 16th October; the date that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FOA) was founded in 1945. First commemorated by the FOA in 1979, World Food Day aims to promote healthy diets and eradicate hunger issues by 2030.


World Food Day adopts a new theme every year, with previous themes including Family Farming (2014) and Our Actions are our Future (2018).

The theme for 2021 is ‘Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow’ which stresses that production and consumption of safe food have “immediate and long-term benefits for people, the planet, and the economy.”


Beatlie will be raising awareness by participating in a poster competition – keep an eye out for the great work our pupils will produce!



World Smile Day 1st October 2021

Lots of pupils and staff dressed in yellow for World Smile Day on Friday and we raised £90 for Carers of West Lothian. Thanks to all parents and staff who contributed.

Classess all celebrated in different ways – some looking for smile emojis during a local walk, others making some smile themed art and one class having a relaxing footspa all at the same time since this is an activty that makes them all smile!


Community Litter Pick

This week Beatlie participated in their first litter pick of the new school session and can I just say…….

I think we could be out of a job! What a fantastic improvement in the area all thanks to the local community coming together over the past year or so to make improvements to the local environment and we have noticed – WELL DONE.

As we know the problem of litter will not be eradicated and we will continue to support the school, Craigshill and beyond to do our bit to reduce the impact on the climate!

Thank you to all the staff and pupils for participating and doing their best on what turned out to be a beautiful day to tackle the litter.

We will keep you posted for the next one, meanwhile enjoy having a look at our fantastic team working hard.

Summer term Music

After several months of delivering music lessons live and online via Teams and YouTube, it was good to swap the living room for the classroom again this term. While the children were mostly engaged during lessons shown on the smartboard, there was a pleasing positive response to us being back in the same classroom again. The music and activities are more immediate and alive and there is more scope to adapt activities, depending on responses and interests. 

This term we began by consolidating some of the songs and action activities from before that had become familiar over the smartboard. We then added new ones focusing on steady beats (Sugarplum Fairy), on fast and slow (Hare and Tortoise) and then on high and low (Five Little Froggies). We ended the term by improvising music together using some of the recently acquired instruments such as bass bars (wooden bass chime bars) and wooden tongue drums. We have also had more 1-1 music sessions that complement the work of Aisling, our music therapist. 

The newer instruments were ordered in conjunction with Aisling, and due to not being able to be in the school, some are only now getting used by us. We look forward to being able to use them more next term.  

Beatlie Health Week 2021.

There was lots of fun, excitement and competitive spirit in the air last week during our Health and Sports Week.

We kicked of the week with each class designing their team name, strip and mascot and each class prepared a delicious Euro themed healthy snack which was judged by Carol and Debbie, they definitely had a tricky job choosing their favourite!

In preparation for the big day we spent our week taking part in lots of healthy exercise and practising our ball skills and there was plenty of boogie practice too! Thankfully we had some lovely sunny weather when it came to getting out and completing our challenge which each class kicked off by singing their class chants, we don’t think there could have been a single person in Craigshill who couldn’t hear us!

We had so much fun and as well as completing our own class challenge we also enjoyed cheering on all our friends in true Beatlie spirit.

Duntarvie Dynamos were crowned very worthy winners!!


Gardening Week 2021

Beatlie have been hard at it again this week

But I am sure everyone will agree that they had fun with all the different gardening projects they were involved in!

We all had different jobs to do in and around the school grounds maintaining and tidying up areas to make the place look nice for all the times we will be out in the garden to enjoy the summer weather that we hope to get for a couple of weeks before the holidays.

We also took on a special community based project this year – Street Sign Planting. We wanted to take this on and be a part of the community of Craigshill who are coming together to make improvements within the local environment. The staff and children have done an excellent job and I hope you are able to enjoy the blooms when they come out over the coming weeks.


World Bee Day @ Beatlie 2021

We have all had a fabulous day celebrating World Bee Day in our own Beatlie way!

You will see from the film all the lovely interesting & interactive activities we have enjoyed bringing lots of smiles to our faces.

We hope you have had fun having a go at the bee quiz to see what type of bee you are and that you will support the cause for bees in our country by providing bee friendly environments where you can.

Next week we will be participating in the UK National Children’s Gardening Week so we will be continuing the theme of creating bee friendly environments as well as lots of other exciting project ideas – so come back next week to see what we have been up to.

World Bee Day

Today we are celebrating World Bee Day in Beatlie.

This year’s theme is ‘Bee engaged – Build Back Better for Bees’

So what’s the buzz about bees?

A third of the world’s food production depends on bees.

Bees pollinate (a process vital to crops growing) three quarters (75%) of leading global crops, including oilseed rape, apples, soft fruits, beans and courgettes, as well as things like tomatoes and strawberries.

Bees are vital for maintaining the balance between living organisms such as human beings, plants, and animals as well as their environment.

They also help reduce pollution.

Scientific studies have proven that bees have become increasingly endangered. So what can be done to help?

  • Planting bee-friendly plants like heather and daisies and red clover on balconies, terraces, and in gardens can help
  • Leaving sections of the garden wild and letting the grass grow long gives the bees a place to shelter
  • Create a bee hotel for your garden’s bee population
  • Leaving a small dish with a few pebbles and shallow water in can help if a bee is thirsty
  • There are also special bricks which bees can live in
  • Don’t use pesticides as they are really harmful to bees
  • Buy honey and other hive products from your nearest local beekeeper

Welcome - Celebrate World Bee Day