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Community planting


Numeracy day 13th May 2022

Across the school this week we have been exploring the different aspects of numeracy with an Eco theme.

Lammermuir made a symmetry picture using some of their recycling from class. I’m sure you’ll agree the finished picture looks beautiful!

Hopetoun used their recycling to measure how tall they are, to build towers and make sandcastles as they explored size.

Lomond explored the weight of their recycling using the scales in the garden. Thank good ness it was a sunny day!

In Pentland, we explores the shape of our recycling and tried to sort it by it’s shape.

Glendevon have been exploring repeating patterns using a mix of natural materials and some of their recycling.

Ochiltree were investigating volume by collecting some rainwater and using it to water the plants in the garden. This is a good way of recycling water. and we certainly had plenty of rain to use!

Duntarvie had the challenge of investigating distance by using some of their recycling to make paper aeroplanes and then seeing how far they could make them fly.

Image preview

Image preview

Image preview

Image preview

Once all their models had dried the children painted them,Image preview

Image preview

Today instead of getting the bus for our shopping we walked as the topic was distance was distance. Look at how far they managed!
Image preview
Image previewImage preview
We also flew our planes and the winner was Susan’s design with 16ft!Image previewImage previewImage preview
Well done everyone for all your hard work!

Science Week in Beatlie 2022

Oh no a GIANT has escaped!

We think that a giant may have climbed down and escaped his cloud castle – look at the mass he left this beanstalk in!

The challenge is on!

Well the question is how well are your beanstalks and hair growing?

These were Duntarvie’s today and we can say with complete confidence from our observations the beanstalk is winning – our Giant is still BALD!

We decided that our Giant is maybe a bit cold and put him in a warmer place tonight – we can’t wait to check on him in the morning.