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Passing the sound around – Music in Term 4 

This term has been a quick and busy one in Music but we had fun once more sharing and playing music together with our friends. 

In Primary we had great fun playing Come and Pass the Sound Around, which began as a body percussion game that we added instruments to. Like a version of Pass the Parcel, the children enjoyed the structure and the variety of instruments they got to play in a lesson. The passing and sharing of instruments encouraged shared attention, anticipation, developing motor skills and beat. The activity was adapted from an American song so had a minor, country blues, feel, that everyone enjoyed too. 

Other songs and games across Primary included In and Out the Dusty Bluebells and moving the parachute to music. In Lammermuir we continued to play music games, explore instruments and develop signing and actions, using symbols to request songs. Glendevon also played music to accompany the story of Noah’s Ark, using pictures for the score. 

In Ochiltree and Duntarvie, we finished off ASDAN and N1 qualifications, choosing music with switches and symbols to play along with or to dance to. The children particularly enjoyed playing the electric guitars, keyboards and drums. Across the school there were also opportunities for small groups and individuals to come for short, music as therapy sessions that allowed us to focus on the particular needs of some of the children. 

Next year, we will continue to have fun with music with new and familiar songs alike. 

Music October 2021

Mr Macarella and a mission into space!

It was great to see everyone happy to return to music and to welcome some new faces joining us for musical fun too.

We began the term with some familiar songs and activities to help settle everyone in before focusing on silly Mr. Macarella. This clapping song tells us how he didn’t use his umbrella to keep dry and how 8 raindrops fell on him. Then we all count and clap while learning about the different parts of the body where the rain fell. We then moved onto playing the rain sounds and the 8 raindrops on different instruments as the rain drops fell on his musicians.  

This term we also have some smaller Music groups with Lammermuir and early Primary children focusing on musical play and exploration, intensive interaction, movement and nursery rhymes. 

Secondary had two cross-class music groups and some also have 1-1 sessions this term. One group began working on choosing and playing instruments that will help tell the story of a journey into space. This will help them work as a group with solo spots on their chosen instruments that will go towards their SQA awards. The other group are enjoying playing and moving along to music from different genres as they work towards their ASDAN awards. 

We will continue the fun into next term, adding in seasonal songs for Halloween and Christmas.  Have a great October break!


Term 1 in Duntarvie

WOW what a busy start to term 1 in Duntarvie we can’t believe it will be the October break next week!

We have been exploring garden maintenance this term and keeping Duntarvie garden clean and tidy through weeding, cutting the grass and leaf blowing.  We prepared the new kitchen garden area by upcycling some old tyres and compost from last year’s planting. We have already planted the seeds in the warmth of indoors and hope by the time Spring arrives we will have some lovey (hardy) herbs to plant outside.

To support our independence, develop our life skills and explore sensory development we have been completing class jobs including washing the windows, cleaning and putting away the dishes and sorting the laundry. Many of us have loved the new light weight hoover that we use to keep our class nice and tidy and it has even ventured round the school to ensure everyone is keeping their rooms nice and tidy!

A favourite class activity this term has been the sensory story of Boris the Bee – he has been a bit naughty by sneaking into the picnic basket and giving everyone a nasty sting!

It has been great to have new opportunities through our individual SQA work. This is the cooking group making all their health goodies to go home to parents and carers.  We are hoping to get out and about in the community more through further ASDAN and SQA work alongside starting our Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Hope you all have a lovely October week – Duntavie.

Term 2 in Duntarvie 2020

We have had a very productive term in Duntarvie especially working on all our ASDAN and SQA targets.  We are all looking forward to Christmas and a break to recharge our batteries ready for more hard work in term 3.

Article 29 (goals of education)
Education must develop every child’s
personality, talents and abilities to the
full. It must encourage the child’s respect
for human rights, as well as respect
for their parents, their own and other
cultures, and the environment.
Article 31 (leisure, play and culture)
Every child has the right to relax, play and
take part in a wide range of cultural and
artistic activities.
Article 23 (children with a disability)
A child with a disability has the right to live
a full and decent life with dignity and, as far
as possible, independence and to play an
active part in the community. Governments
must do all they can to support disabled
children and their families.