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Passing the sound around – Music in Term 4 

This term has been a quick and busy one in Music but we had fun once more sharing and playing music together with our friends. 

In Primary we had great fun playing Come and Pass the Sound Around, which began as a body percussion game that we added instruments to. Like a version of Pass the Parcel, the children enjoyed the structure and the variety of instruments they got to play in a lesson. The passing and sharing of instruments encouraged shared attention, anticipation, developing motor skills and beat. The activity was adapted from an American song so had a minor, country blues, feel, that everyone enjoyed too. 

Other songs and games across Primary included In and Out the Dusty Bluebells and moving the parachute to music. In Lammermuir we continued to play music games, explore instruments and develop signing and actions, using symbols to request songs. Glendevon also played music to accompany the story of Noah’s Ark, using pictures for the score. 

In Ochiltree and Duntarvie, we finished off ASDAN and N1 qualifications, choosing music with switches and symbols to play along with or to dance to. The children particularly enjoyed playing the electric guitars, keyboards and drums. Across the school there were also opportunities for small groups and individuals to come for short, music as therapy sessions that allowed us to focus on the particular needs of some of the children. 

Next year, we will continue to have fun with music with new and familiar songs alike. 

Secondary Drama

The secondary drama group have been having lots of fun with role play and mime this term. From princesses to donkeys, police officers to singers. There has been a lot of laughter. They have also been working hard to create a play for their peers and the staff by making choices on costumes, props, and making scenery too.

Susan has also been enjoying sensory pond dipping sessions, exploring frog spawn, tadpoles and frogs. She has even shared it with staff so they can experience what she enjoys. Think they found it relaxing and they even caught some frogs with her!!

Term 3 in Glendevon

We can’t believe we’ve come to the end of another school term and it’s been another busy one in Glendevon. Our topic this term was My Body and we had lots of fun exploring this through lots of movement, exercise, personal care and relaxation sessions. We’ve also been really enjoying the better weather and have been getting out walking and enjoying the garden and the wider environment. We’ve taken part in lots of fun events such as Storytelling week, Science week and Fairtrade and this week we have been busy getting in the Easter spirit! We’ve enjoyed decorating our boiled eggs which we rolled down the hill and we had lots of fun going on an Easter egg hunt in the sensory garden and filling our baskets. We made our very own Easter chick baskets which are filled with goodies for us to enjoy and had a very special Easter snack today. Wishing everyone a happy holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone back ready for the summer term.

Spring term in Pentland

We have all had a lovely term in Pentland class. Our topic this term has been looing after ourselves so we have enjoyed spending time in the gym hall and going for walks. We have also been exploring healthy eating during cooking and snack. The nice weather has meant that we have been able to explore some of the local area, including going down to the river and to the park. We enjoyed exploring the story of the ginger bread man for national storytelling week and we looked at the subject of growth through the story of Jack and the beanstalk for science week.

We hope you enjoy looking through some of our pictures and we look forward to seeing you all back for the summer term.

National Storytelling Week – The Gingerbread Man

This week in Beatlie we have been enjoying taking part in National Storytelling Week. Storytelling is a huge part of what we do throughout our week and pupils experience stories regularly through songs, music, dance, drama, massage, play and sensory experiences. Our chosen school story was The Gingerbread Man and there have been lots of gingerbread themed activities taking place some of which you can see below. Each class also recreated a part of the story which we have put together to make our very own Gingerbread Man storyboard. Lammermuir started off our story by creating a beautiful cottage by the river which was then followed by Hopetoun’s gorgeous garden. Lomond made the pinkest pig with the sparkliest nose and Ochiltree made our beautiful horse in a field. Pentland used milk cartons to create the cow in a field and Duntarvie ended our story with the fox and beautiful sensory river (which we’re hoping won’t burst!) Glendevon had fun making the little old lady, little old man and the gingerbread man.

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the activities we’ve been taking part in this week and we’re sure you’ll love our fantastic display!

Fundraiser for Beatlie!!!



A very lovely lady called Eileen is going to jump out of an aeroplane to raise money for Beatlie!!!!
If you would like to read about her challenge and/or donate to her JustGiving page, please copy the link below into your task bar.

90kg Rice Challenge

Beatlie 90KG Rice Challenge 2022

‘A bag of Rice Can Change a Life’

Beatlie School Campus takes on 90kg rice challenge to give a helping hand to Malawian farmers and their families.

Beatlie School Campus will be helping to make a huge difference to the lives of farmers in Malawi and their families by taking part in the 90kg rice challenge.

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries and less than 1 in 4 children are able to attend secondary school. The 90kg rice challenge was inspired by the fact that if a farmer can sell just 90 x 1kg of Kilombero rice at a fair price, they will be able to send a child to Secondary School for a year.

By taking part in the challenge Beatlie are looking to show that by simply making changes to the way we buy food, fair trade can help to transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

The school is kindly subsidising the cost (normally £3.20 per KG) to £2.00 per 1kg bag.

If you would like to support the cause and buy a bag, or two or more….  please contact the school and we will be happy to help. There is a choice of white or brown rice.

This rice has won a Great Taste award and is the most ethical rice on the market according to Ethical Consumer magazine.

 “It’s amazing to see the enthusiasm that Beatlie have had in taking on the 90kg rice challenge. By taking part they’re helping to create a brighter future for the people of Malawi and their children – James Johnstone JTS

By simply buying a bag of rice we can all make a huge difference by helping to unlock the potential of people and communities and tackle inequality in Malawi and elsewhere. – John Riches JTS

Thank you in anticipation.

Eco committee/Rights Respecting Schools Committee/Fairtrade Schools/LfS



Term 2 in Pentland Class

We have had lots of fun in Pentland Class this term. We have been thinking about all the different sounds we hear when we are out for a walk as well as all the usual activities like messy play, cooking, communication work and much, much more. Everyone has participated enthusiastically in all the events like Children in need day and world children’s day as well as things like Halloween and Christmas. A highlight of the term has been our weekly horse riding sessions which have seen all the children grow in confidence and improve their balance skills.

Everyone in Pentland would like to wish you a happy and healthy Christmas and a good New Year. We look forward to seeing you all back in January.

Seasonal fun in music – December 2021

We began the term in Primary with Halloween and our regular visit to the Hairy Scary Castle, using switches and instruments for all the creepy sounds of the monsters in the castle. We matched the sounds to the monster and worked together to create a sequence for the song. 

As Autumn went on, we explored fast and slow songs together, singing about the falling leaves blowing around in the wind and playing instruments at faster or slower tempo. Glendevon played bass bars in sequence for this, and everyone concentrated so well. When we had the cold snap, we switched the lyrics to snowflakes falling, which felt very seasonal. 

Then of course we have had Christmas songs at the end of term, which everyone enjoys. 

The Nursery and early Primary groups continued their intensive interaction music and are enjoying the recognition of the increasingly familiar songs and games. The secondary groups and the 1-1 sessions have also continued their musical journeys and they have enjoyed choosing their favourite instruments and exploring genres. 

Next year, the children will build on their good work and add in new seasonal songs and music. We will also explore Scottish music and dance leading up to Burns night and beyond to the February break. 

Hello Reece!!!

This morning, I received a lovely message from Davie Walls, the parent of an ex nursery pupil here in Beatlie.
He sent me 2 photos of his lovely son, Reece looking at the Beatlie Blog, which he loves looking at even after all these years!!So Reece, this is a wee message from me, Carol, to you.
I was trying to remember how long ago it since you were here so I went through my old diaries and found you way back in 2013 – 14 and 2014 – 15 in Lammermuir nursery.
I found the Calendar of Events outlining all the things we did together as a school and class lists with all your wee pals and the class teams who looked after you! It has made me quite nostalgic!!
Linda, Tracey, Annmarie and Natalie are all still here and send you all their love.
In the meantime, love and virtual hugs to you and your wonderful family! Keep enjoying the blog and have a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year!!!