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What an unusual term this has been!! We would like to say thank you to our children and parents for taking part in the home learning activities and sharing your progress with us through photos and videos. These really made us smile. We had lots of fun down on the farm, meeting the sheep, pigs, chickens and cows and exploring vegetables. We have also taken part in Earth Day, Numeracy Day, a mini Olympics topic with sports challenges, spring activities and a mini butterfly topic. We have been very busy indeed! As we look towards next session we sadly have to say goodbye to two of our children as they move onto the next part of their journey at Pinewood, we wish them all the best as they start on this new adventure! Others are returning to Beatlie Nursery and P1 class and we can’t wait to see them again in August! Wishing you all a fantastic summer break. Stay Safe Team Lammermuir

Glendevon – Term 3

The term and perhaps the school year has been cut short, but this does not take away how much work, fun and progression the children in Glendevon have made this year.

The topic of emergency services has been fantastic for the children and we all enjoyed the visits from the fire brigade and police.

The children that are on PECs have increased their communication skills through the participation in a variety of groups and activities such as colour group, requesting at snack/dinner, big and small group and also general requesting groups throughout the day.

Our sensory activities have been received well by the children and all have been enjoying story massage, Tac Pac and sensory groups weekly.

Some of the children also enjoyed a weekly trip to gymnastics and as you will see from the pictures they had lots of fun burning off some of that energy!

The older children have been working hard to gain their ASDAN qualifications and are displaying their independent skills through different tasks.

The children all had fun making a cushion for all their fantastic mum’s last week and thankfully no injuries were received during the sewing machine phase!

It has been a great term seeing how the children have grown in trust with one another as well as the staff which has in turn helped the children develop their skills in many ways.

Term 1 in Glendevon

Phew what a start to the 2019/20 session. Where has the time gone?

All the staff and pupils have had a great time getting to know each other and find ways of working, playing and learning together and already seeing some lovely interactions, great communication and life skills progressing.

We have all loved the day and night topic – especially when we get to act out going to sleep and waking up in the morning. We have also being doing lots of art work to show our understanding of what the environment looks like when it is either daylight or night light.  Louisa has been our storyteller this term and the children have enjoyed listening and participating in the story ‘Ten Little Stars’.

As you know we had a super experience out and about doing our litter pick in Aberdour and South Queensferry – we now know how much the kids love the beach and will strive to get another visit before the end of the session.

We are a happy bunch in Glendevon and we are all looking forward to the next term and getting stuck into our new topic – The Newsroom! I am sure we have some budding reporters amongst us.

We have also given ourselves a wee project to tidy up the garden area out of our back window – we have made a start but looking forward to some nice dry days to continue with that.

It has been lovely to see you all at our different activities over the term and look forward to seeing you come visit and see how good we are doing at school.

Have a lovely break from all in Glendevon.



Glendevon Update

Another Term gone by and lots achieved by the Glendevon class.

We have had a very busy term and had lots of fun.

In January we enjoyed our Ceilidh dancing and joining our friends in the hall for a Ceilidh to celebrate Burns day.

February was full of hearts when we up-cycled some old clothes for the amazing fashion show – the children all looked fantastic in the Glendevon collection.

Also in February we were very busy with Fairtrade Fortnight and we are pleased to be part of achieving the schools ‘Fairaware Award’!

In March we had great fun during science and engineering week taking different journeys – especially enjoying our ‘3 little pigs’ activity out in the garden. Duncan loved being the big bad wolfe and chasing his friends!

Red nose day meant we had to turn our skills to baking and the children were fantastic at getting involved in each stage from mixing the ingredients to icing the cupcakes – brilliant Elmo inspired decoration.

Glendevon then made some lovely lavender bags to highlight Epilepsy awareness day. Thank you to Caroline for picking it from her garden a few months ago in preperation.

We have finished off the term with health week and a very competitive sports day.

Along with all the school events, we have been working hard at our teacch activities, our buildings around the world topic, gardening and making some great progress with our communication.

It was lovely to see all the parents at the reviews and our different events over the last term as always.

Hope you all have a great holiday and already looking forward to an exciting last term before the summer holidays.

Christmas is nearly here. over the last few weeks the children have been preparing for our Christmas fair and the singalong show. We have decorated the room with Christmas decorations and both our Trees as well as making cards for all the other classes round the school. only 7 more school days till the holidays :)

Pirate play in Harburn, all the children had lots of fun over the last 3 weeks exploring all the pirate activities, there was a treasure hunt in the sensory garden, a pirate themed snack and lots of fun pirate activites during free play.

Book Week Scotland – 19th -25th November 2018

For National Book Week we explored ‘The Gruffalo’ story.

This year, we are taking forward Story Massage across the whole school with someone being trained for this in each class and the pupils all really enjoyed the Gruffalo story massage regularly during the week. The pictures below show some of the pupils from Glendevon taking part in this.


On the Friday, we all met together for a shared Gruffalo inspired feast!

Glendevon News

It’s been a while since we gave an update on all the hard work we have been doing in Glendevon.

The question should be ‘what have we not been doing’!

This term we have been enjoying the topic ‘sound maps’ and to make it enjoyable and interesting for us all, we have based this on the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.

The children have been enjoying all the different activities we have been doing in and outside the classroom – lots of art work and sensory experiences as you will see from the photos. We are collating lovely sound photo albums as part of our task and the children are really enjoying putting in photos of their experiences as we go through the story – they love to admire themselves and really show an awareness of seeing themselves.

We have also introduced story massage to our daily routines and this has been a great success – they are loving it! They appear to relax well and we are getting lovely reactions and feedback during these sessions. Hpefully we can share a session with you all one day soon.

World Children’s Day was a lovely event and we enjoyed our walk to the park despite the weather – this didn’t put any of the children off and all of them were able to walk good distances following the bubbles the staff were busy blowing throughout. We made lovely artwork which is now displayed with the rest of the schools fantastic work on our Rights Respecting Schools display board – please have a look the next time you are in.

I would also like to just mention how fantastic they are all doing with their communication skills – lots of fantastic modelling of pecs use, Tech Talk and exchanging of symbols/photos when requesting. Also lots of verbal communication from Duncan.

Duncan and Emily continue to complete their Teacch and workstation activities with continued confidence and independence. William and Aria have been excellent at taking on board these new skills and already have completed some Teacch activities that have moved into their independent work boxes – fantastic in the short time they have been in the class.

Sophie continues to be encouraged to be more communicative through lots of different activities – she particularly enjoys Rebound and Tac Pac which is when we are getting lots of feedback from her. She is also having lots of Intensive Interaction sessions which we hope will encourage more communication from her – already having some lovely eye contact from her.

We are now into the really busy period of preparing for Christmas – we hope to see you all at the Fayre and our annual show.