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Community Litter Pick

This week Beatlie participated in their first litter pick of the new school session and can I just say…….

I think we could be out of a job! What a fantastic improvement in the area all thanks to the local community coming together over the past year or so to make improvements to the local environment and we have noticed – WELL DONE.

As we know the problem of litter will not be eradicated and we will continue to support the school, Craigshill and beyond to do our bit to reduce the impact on the climate!

Thank you to all the staff and pupils for participating and doing their best on what turned out to be a beautiful day to tackle the litter.

We will keep you posted for the next one, meanwhile enjoy having a look at our fantastic team working hard.

Term 4 in Duntarvie

Gardening Week 2021

Beatlie have been hard at it again this week

But I am sure everyone will agree that they had fun with all the different gardening projects they were involved in!

We all had different jobs to do in and around the school grounds maintaining and tidying up areas to make the place look nice for all the times we will be out in the garden to enjoy the summer weather that we hope to get for a couple of weeks before the holidays.

We also took on a special community based project this year – Street Sign Planting. We wanted to take this on and be a part of the community of Craigshill who are coming together to make improvements within the local environment. The staff and children have done an excellent job and I hope you are able to enjoy the blooms when they come out over the coming weeks.


World Bee Day @ Beatlie 2021

We have all had a fabulous day celebrating World Bee Day in our own Beatlie way!

You will see from the film all the lovely interesting & interactive activities we have enjoyed bringing lots of smiles to our faces.

We hope you have had fun having a go at the bee quiz to see what type of bee you are and that you will support the cause for bees in our country by providing bee friendly environments where you can.

Next week we will be participating in the UK National Children’s Gardening Week so we will be continuing the theme of creating bee friendly environments as well as lots of other exciting project ideas – so come back next week to see what we have been up to.

World Bee Day

Today we are celebrating World Bee Day in Beatlie.

This year’s theme is ‘Bee engaged – Build Back Better for Bees’

So what’s the buzz about bees?

A third of the world’s food production depends on bees.

Bees pollinate (a process vital to crops growing) three quarters (75%) of leading global crops, including oilseed rape, apples, soft fruits, beans and courgettes, as well as things like tomatoes and strawberries.

Bees are vital for maintaining the balance between living organisms such as human beings, plants, and animals as well as their environment.

They also help reduce pollution.

Scientific studies have proven that bees have become increasingly endangered. So what can be done to help?

  • Planting bee-friendly plants like heather and daisies and red clover on balconies, terraces, and in gardens can help
  • Leaving sections of the garden wild and letting the grass grow long gives the bees a place to shelter
  • Create a bee hotel for your garden’s bee population
  • Leaving a small dish with a few pebbles and shallow water in can help if a bee is thirsty
  • There are also special bricks which bees can live in
  • Don’t use pesticides as they are really harmful to bees
  • Buy honey and other hive products from your nearest local beekeeper


Welcome - Celebrate World Bee Day


Term 3 in Duntarvie

Go Green Week Highlights

As promised a selection of photos and videos to display the great work and different experiences the children of Beatlie got to enjoy over Go Green Week.

We hope you have enjoyed all the posts over the week and thank you all again for the support you have shown for this campaign.

Enjoy watching and listening to us singing our Eco song.


Go Green Week – Day 4 – Music Festival

Today we celebrated Go Green Week with a music festival for the whole school to enjoy.

During the week all classes made some instruments by upcycling and recycling materials. They all looked great and sounded pretty good too!

We set up the hall to have a festival feel and enjoyed having friends and family come to listen and dance to drums played by the children and live music from Gordon and Jean Paul.

There was plenty of food and drink for all to enjoy and keep our energy up.

Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to Musac. our chosen charity for the event.


Look out for our Blog next week showing some highlights of Go Green Week!

Wriggly Litter Less Campaign

Beatlie School is participating in this years Wriggly Litter Less Campaign.

We have been awarded a grant which we put to good use and bought a ‘handy cart’ with the grant – this can be used by any of the children to help when out and about in the community when participating in litter picks.

In order to achieve the second part of the grant, we need to carry out 4 litter picks between now and the end of April.

We made a great start and everyone in the school made great efforts to clean the local environment of litter!

You can click on the link for further information on the campaign. There are also lots of photos showing the great commitment and ethics of the school on litter.

wrigley litterless campaign