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Ochiltree Term 2

It has been a term like no other in Ochiltree but we have survived and got through it together and hopefully the new year will bring about positive changes for us all.

The children have coped tremendously well over the year and have made some great progress despite all the hurdles that they have faced.  We have had a packed timetable despite the restrictions and we have been able to experience more of the outdoors and new activities throughout our day.

We have enjoyed our topic of electricity and the new class jobs that we experienced – using the hoover, microwave and lots of switching toys, tools and utensils.

We have been outside lots – going on walks, litter picks, experiencing different weathers and different environments. We are enjoying looking after the courtyard area of the school and look forward to planting and growing produce we can use in recipes as the year progresses in 2021.

We have had lots of experiences cooking, craft work and games in the classroom which has been fun for everyone getting to know each other and building relationships as they learn to take turns and share with each other. All of the children have made some great personal progress with their independence and target work as well as working on ASDAN and SQA modules which we will continue to update you on in their Learners Journals.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all again soon in 2021.


Article 28 (right to education)
Every child has the right to an education.
Primary education must be free and
different forms of secondary education
must be available to every child. Discipline
in schools must respect children’s dignity
and their rights. Richer countries must help
poorer countries achieve this.

Article 29 (goals of education)
Education must develop every child’s
personality, talents and abilities to the
full. It must encourage the child’s respect
for human rights, as well as respect
for their parents, their own and other
cultures, and the environment.

Article 31 (leisure, play and culture)
Every child has the right to relax, play and
take part in a wide range of cultural and
artistic activities.


Christmas in Ochiltree


Ochiltree have been busy Elves over the last couple of weeks – having fun and working hard.

We all enjoyed our Christmas crafts and artwork that we worked hard on although really enjoyed looking at all our pictures while putting the calendar together.

We also enjoyed the pantomime despite it being virtual it was like we were there!

Our Christmas party was really fun – we enjoyed playing pass the parcel, corners game and dancing to party music before Santa came to visit and give us all a gift.

Despite everything that is going on in the world around us we have not let it dampen our spirits in Ochiltree!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from all your friends in Ochiltree. xx

Article 29 (goals of education)
Education must develop every child’s
personality, talents and abilities to the
full. It must encourage the child’s respect
for human rights, as well as respect
for their parents, their own and other
cultures, and the environment.

Article 31 (leisure, play and culture)
Every child has the right to relax, play and
take part in a wide range of cultural and
artistic activities.


Pentland news!

It has been so good to get back to school again after such a long time away!  The children have been really busy with all their activities and we have had a few sleepy heads by the afternoon some days.  We have introduced some new things on our timetables over the last few weeks as well as exploring some favourite activities too!

Cole has really liked getting time outside again to explore Duntarvie garden, Campsie play area and the sensory garden.  Even the rain didn’t stop him having fun.  He has been working really well on his independent work tasks and is enjoying his favourite rewards after work – the spinning chair and the trampoline.

Megan has loved time in the nursery softplay and running around outside on the soft grass in Duntarvie garden.  She likes our new Sensology group where we explore different resources.  She especially enjoys the smelling tubs just now!  We have added lots of new toys to her free choice box so she has been busy playing with them every morning.

Ruaridh has settled back to the school routine really quickly and has been checking his timetable every morning to see what will be happening.  He has enjoyed our deep pressure massage group a lot, especially the bug massager which he likes to hold against his ear and cheeks.  He has loved softplay too, so much so that he doesn’t want to leave!

Benjamin has been enjoying getting to know his new classmates.  He is having fun exploring softplay and the garden again.  He’s working really well on his TEACCH activities too.  Our afternoon relaxation groups are a real favourite for him as he enjoys lying down and interacting with staff.

Ethan has really enjoyed all our music and movement groups as he loves to dance!  He has been working hard on is work tasks and has taken a real interest in drawing this term which is great.  He likes to relax at our Sensology and Tac Pac groups after a long day.  Time outside is always popular too as he loves exploring the gardens and playground.

Sean has been exploring lots of new activities in class and has been working hard on his TEACCH tasks.  He has enjoyed relaxing in the quiet corner with the bubble tube in between his timetable sessions.  Softplay has been a huge hit too as he loves throwing out all the balls from the ball pit.  Keeps all the staff fit throwing them back in again!

What a busy start to the term!


Glendevon – Term 4

The children may not have been in school but a special mention must go to all you wonderful families for coping with such uncertain times!

Do we have anybody signing up for Teacher Training?

Glendevon had their up and down days like most of us but I was very impressed by some of the activities they got up to and look forward to seeing the children continue using their skills as they come back to school.

I very much hope that you are all able to have a fantastic summer and enjoy getting back to some normality even just to see loved ones!

I for one have missed you all and look forward to seeing you all again in August.

Best wishes from all the team x

Glendevon – Term 3

The term and perhaps the school year has been cut short, but this does not take away how much work, fun and progression the children in Glendevon have made this year.

The topic of emergency services has been fantastic for the children and we all enjoyed the visits from the fire brigade and police.

The children that are on PECs have increased their communication skills through the participation in a variety of groups and activities such as colour group, requesting at snack/dinner, big and small group and also general requesting groups throughout the day.

Our sensory activities have been received well by the children and all have been enjoying story massage, Tac Pac and sensory groups weekly.

Some of the children also enjoyed a weekly trip to gymnastics and as you will see from the pictures they had lots of fun burning off some of that energy!

The older children have been working hard to gain their ASDAN qualifications and are displaying their independent skills through different tasks.

The children all had fun making a cushion for all their fantastic mum’s last week and thankfully no injuries were received during the sewing machine phase!

It has been a great term seeing how the children have grown in trust with one another as well as the staff which has in turn helped the children develop their skills in many ways.

Glendevon – Term 2 Catch Up

We cannot believe that it is the end of another year already and half way through the academic year – how time passes when you are having fun and working hard.

The class have all bonded very well with one another and you will see the evidence from the photos what mischief they can get up to when they get together!

We have been enjoying the run up to Christmas with all our art activities, cooking and show rehearsals.

However, the term was not just about Christmas, we have been very busy ‘naughty elves’ since October. This term we have been enjoying both going to the shop and the library and have been learning to be a bit more independent when requesting and taking a book out. Alex and Duncan are super at the self service checkout – so if you need a hand with any shopping you know who to ask.

The whole class have been super at using their PECs and are requesting for their choices during different groups and at snack/dinner. Alex is also keeping us right with different signs and we are all using signalong during different groups to help everyone with communication. Sophie has been enjoying having lots of interaction and we can see some significant changes in how she is communicating through her facial expressions and verbally.

Everyone has been working hard at their Teacch activities and we are seeing lots of progress. Aria has been a star – she is doing her work totally independent now and quickly!  Tac Pac has been fantastic with the class and all are coping so well and learning to relax as you can see from the photos – it is a favourite for William and Fletcher.

I could go on and on about all the good work the class are doing we are so proud at what they have been achieving so far this year and look forward to the new year and new challenges.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year xcx

2018 Interschools Sports Event

This year at Beatlie, we held the second annual Interschools Sports event. This year our sport was rounders.

Children from the primary departments in Beatlie, Pinewood and Ogilvie Schools sent small groups of children to form two teams for the day. The children and staff all really enjoyed the event, as well as getting to meet up with some new faces!

We would like to say a massive well done to all of the children who participated in the event, and a huge thank you to all of the staff from Pinewood, Ogilvie and Active Schools who helped make the day such a success, as well as the parents who visited to cheer on the children.

See you all at next year’s event!