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Hello from Pentland

Term three was a very busy term. We had lots of fun creating outfits for our valentine’s fashion show. We cut up old nighties and  an old blanket. We tie dyed the nighties and shirts and painted patterns on them and added some hearts. Old shorts were decorated too. Colourful socks and hats finished off our unique fashion statement! Unused clothes went to the recycle box.

For odd sock day we made very cute little monsters. There were lots of activities for fair trade fortnight and we finished by making a video. We had to sing a song about Pablo the banana. We made it into a rap which the children loved.

We have a link with a school in Bangladesh so we celebrated their new year at assembly.

Comic Relief 2019

What a great turnout we had for our Cupcake Cafe.  Thanks for all your generous donations – we made £363.

The raffle was won by our very own Kirsty Ann from Pentland class who took home the fabulous Red Nose Day Cake.  

The winners of the comic relief sweep stake were:

Ashley – our lovely school nurse and Gordon (Nathan’s Dad).


The class competition for the cupcake art was won by Ochiltree – well done.  All Cupcake designs were lovely and all very different and I know a lot of you had a hard time deciding how to vote!

Thanks again to everyone for a fun filled, happy morning.



West Lothian Food Bank

A big Thank you from all the Eco committee for all donations made to our foodbank collection – as always we were overwhelmed by the generosity of all our Beatlie friends.

We collected 86.5kg worth of food which they calculated would be aproximately 206 meals for a lot of appreciative families at this time of year.

We also had a large bag of colouring books which we donated along with a donation of colouring pens and pencils from our friends in Ochiltree.



Beatlie Eco Committee


Thank you and Merry Christmas from Glendevon


As you can imagine, it has been a busy couple of weeks in Glendevon.

We have been having lots of fun in the run up to Christmas – enjoying making all our lovely decorations and shortbread for our Xmas stall. Thank you to everyone for their support.

We have also been enjoying some new stories about Christmas during our story massage group – Alison has been working hard to make the stories fun to enjoy: The night before Christmas and When Santa got stuck up the Chimney.

We have been enjoying listening to and joining in some Christmas songs and we have been rehearsing for our show next week – so we hope that you can come join us and see how well we have been doing – and maybe be have a laugh too!

Glendevon have been enjoying making some Christmas art to take home and decorate the house.

Have a lovely holiday when it comes and we wish you all a good New Year.

Best Wishes


World Children’s Day 2018.

This year The Unicef Outright Campaign focused on learning about the impact of air pollution.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Article 24
Every child has the right to a clean environment, including breathing clean air wherever they live, learn and play.

At Beatlie we embarked on a Bubble Walk as a whole school  where we walked round the local community whilst blowing lots of bubbles!!  This was great fun despite the rain!

Each class made a Blue collage, practiced a ‘Breathe Deeply’ meditation and took part in a story massage about Paddington Bear leaving his home in the trees of Peru.

Fair Trade Tuck Shop

Article 32 (child labour)

Governments must protect children from economic exploitation and work that is dangerous or might harm their health, development or education. Governments must set a minimum age for children to work and ensure that work conditions are safe and appropriate.

Due to the success we had last session, we are continuing our Fair Trade Tuck Shop for another session.

This term, we are trying a different day – a midweek pick me up is what we need so our new day for the Tuck Shop will be a Wednesday.


Products sourced from Traidcraft

Traidcraft stands for changing peoples’ lives through fair trade, saving vanishing traditional skills from extinction, and celebrating a world of creativity and culture through quality fair trade products. They advocate the importance of organic farming, sustainability, and transparency to the lives of growers and artisans around the world. 



Divine White Chocolate Bar/Milk Chocolate/Caramel Chocolate Bars   £1

Geo Mixed Berries Bar         60p

Geo Sticks                                   £1

Fruit & Oat Cookies                  90p

Double Chunck Cookies           90p

A representative from Glendevon will be going round the classes every Wednesday – if you or your child would like to buy a Fairtrade treat for a pick-me-up, please send in money for them to purchase what they want.