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Glendevon News

Here in Glendevon we can hardly believe we are already fast approaching the end of our first term back!

We have had a busy term which we kicked off with our Seaside topic and we were lucky enough to have the perfect weather to go alongside it. This has been lots of fun and we have enjoyed getting messy in art and messy play and carrying out some exciting experiments where we even made our own ice cream! The rest of this term will be busy with lots of Autumn and Winter themed events and activities.

We’re all looking forward to all the new challenges and opportunities that are coming our way over this school year…..

Team Glendevon…

Term 3 in Glendevon

We have been so busy in Glendevon and we can’t believe we’ve reached the end of another term already!

The freezing weather at the start of term was fantastic for our ‘Ice’ project and we explored so many different ways of freezing objects and experimenting with different methods to make them melt such as warm water, salt and the hairdryer. We froze some natural items from the garden, some sparkly bits and pieces we chose from the art cupboard and saw some amazing patterns when we used paint and torches to look closer at our ice blocks. As much fun as that was we are glad things are starting to warm up a bit and we have recently been enjoying doing some fun gardening activities, we planted some lovely flowers to send home and are patiently waiting for our sunflowers to start growing in the sensory garden.

We have also been busy exploring our topics this term, our first one was ‘Around the House’ and we were so busy cleaning, washing, hoovering, sweeping and sorting laundry so there should be lots of helping hands at home now! We’ve been exploring ‘Weather’ as our second topic and have had fun dressing up and choosing what we need to wear in different kinds of weather. Alex managed to dress for a typical day in Scotland prepared for all 4 seasons! We made some colourful kites to fly on windy days which we’ve had plenty of recently.

We hope everyone has a happy and healthy Easter, we have some lovely fun Easter activities planned to finish of our week and are looking forward to seeing everyone after the holidays.

Christmas Fun in Glendevon

Although our Christmas plans have been a little different this year we have still managed to enjoy all the usual festivities some of which you can see below. We have been busy transforming our classroom into a cosy winter space and we enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch all together in the classroom with sparkly lights and Christmas music. We had lots of fun practicing our performance which we’re sure you will all love and we especially enjoyed watching Jack and the Beanstalk on the big screen in the hall, there was lots of booing, shouting and laughing. We have listened to lots of different Christmas stories and songs and had fun playing some festive games like ‘throw the hoop on the reindeer’ and ‘snowman skittles’. We had the best messy play ever with hot chocolate powder, marshmallows and scooshy cream and we had fun going out a jingle bell walk, I’m sure we woke up most of our neighbours with the noise we made! We surprised Carol, Debbie and Debbie by sneaking up on them and bombarding them with pretend snowballs, they were pretty impressed by our aim! We finished the term off with a party with lots of dancing  and a visit from our very own Beatlie Santa so we are definitely now all ready for the big day to arrive.

We wish all our families a lovely Christmas break and look forward to welcoming everyone back in the new year.

Team Glendevon

Term 2 in Glendevon

This has been a very busy term and we have had lots of fun exploring our topic of ‘My Friends’ through lots of fun activities both indoors and outdoors.  We have been playing lots of team games (we have especially enjoyed our outdoor chasing games) and have been doing lots of sharing and turn taking. Through our topic book ‘Rainbow of Friends’ we have been exploring some of the things that make us different from each other along with some of the things we like that are the same.

We’ve also been busy this term working on lots of motor skills during our hall time with Eirini. We have been conquering some new pieces of equipment such as the wobbly bridge and have been doing lots of balancing and stretching using the wombler, giant physio ball, trampoline and the stretchy bands. There has been lots of scooting about the hall on the scooter boards and we are all completely exhausted by the end of the sessions!

We have also been lucky enough this term to take part in a music technology session with Aisling who has put all our recordings together into our very own ‘Glendevon Groove’ which you can hear at the end of the slideshow below, a definite chart topper!

Glendevon Sponsored Walk

Glendevon had a fantastic time on our sponsored walk this week and we all smashed our individual challenges. Alex captured lots of photos’ for us to look at when we came back and Liam collected lots of interesting things he found along they way for us to explore back in class. We were kept motivated by Mollie keeping the music playing and Fletcher led the way! Stanley was on the lookout for all the Beatlie signs and used them as a target for his Nerf gun, he even managed to shoot Carol when we got back to school!! We got back to school a little wet and exhausted but it was worth it for the amazing amount of money we have raised for a fantastic charity. Thank you so much to everyone who donated.

Hello from Glendevon

Hello everyone and welcome back! Although it’s been so long since we have all been together we have all settled in as if we’ve never been away. We’ve had lots of fun getting to know our new staff team, new friends and for some a new room. We have wasted no time getting stuck into lots of messy play, outdoor play, gardening and music and are getting used to our new timetables and routines. This term our topic is Storyland and we have lots of exciting activities and stories to explore and enjoy.



Hello everyone, we hope you are all well. We are keeping our fingers crossed for lots more lovely sunshine over the coming weeks.

What a strange ending to our year, it has definitely been a challenge for everyone and I hope you have enjoyed some of the learning activities we have been sending home this term. It has been lovely to see and hear what you have all been up to. Taylor won’t want to come back to school after spending lots of time in her lovely new hot tub and Benjamin has been having lots of fun outside playing with his water tray and on his trampoline. Mollie has been enjoying lots of time out in the garden and Liam and Brendan have been working hard at home. I’m sure Stanley has been having lots of fun with his brothers and sisters at home too.

We can’t wait to welcome you all back to school next term. Hope you all have a lovely summer.

Pentland Team

Term 3 in Pentland

Our topic this term was Emergency Services and we had fun exploring this in lots of different ways. We were lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Service and the Police and we wasted no time getting dressed up and climbing on board, the fire hose was by far a favourite for most! We used our senses in science to explore making our very own fire with vinegar and washing up liquid then had to use our squeezey bottles to put out our overflowing fires.  We also set up our own hospital and with the help of some very thorough investigations there were all sorts of diagnoses made from sore heads to broken legs and treatments given out! We experienced lots of sounds associated with emergency vehicles and had fun with some remote control and switch vehicles racing around the school looking for emergencies (although we did cause a few emergencies of our own from crashing into people!)

Messy play is always an important part of our learning and we take lots of opportunities to explore this. We use both wet and dry materials and this term we have explored smells, textures and temperatures e.g. painting with frozen paint, puffy paint and fruity teabags. And of course there is always good old fashioned water play which is always a hit!

Some of our pupils have had the opportunity to have a block of gymnastics at Astro Gym, there has been lots of climbing, rolling, jumping and balancing with lots of new equipment to explore and opportunities to work on co-ordination and control. In school we have all had lots of fun trying out the trikes.

All in all a very busy although short term. We look forward to seeing everyone back safe and healthy.