Busy as Usual

All the children enjoyed their Christmas Holiday and have been working hard since they returned.

Our current focus for Maths and Numeracy is working with numbers up to 2 or 3 decimal places. We have identified the value of the digits, their position in a number line and why decimals are important to recognise; measurement and money are examples.  The class always enjoy the interactive games we play to consolidate their learning.

We are starting a new topic on Animation and Disney; the children worked within 3 groups and created mind maps to show me their current level of understanding and what they would like to find out. Watch this space!

Mr Grant is back with us again this term to support our Science and Technology lessons. We are currently planning our Health and Wellbeing experiments and the equipment we shall need to support each.

Miss. White, our Music Specialist, worked this week with a group of children who volunteered to perform at our forthcoming Scottish Assembly.

This morning we took part in Week 1 of our Cricket Taster Session.  Lots of fun was had by all.

For Literacy I introduced direct speech by playing a ‘Guess Who Said’ game. First a ‘post it’ was placed on the back of a child and the class had to say a statement or expression associated with the famous person/character until they could be identified. Next each child wrote 3 different expressions in their jotter that they knew could be identified by their classmates. They continued to play this during lunch time.  Why don’t you try this at home…..

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