Relationships Policy

Relationships Policy 22/23


Expectations of Pupils:


  • be on time to class 
  • bring appropriate equipment for learning 
  • wear uniform


  • complete homework on time and with maximum effort 
  • follow instructions 
  • get actively involved in the lesson 


  • move round the school in a safe manner, no pushing or shoving
  • ensure bags and other items are kept with you, or in a safe place


Expectations of Staff:

  • meet and greet 
  • have a calm and consistent approach 
  • employ the ‘clean slate’ strategy 
  • use the intervention stages consistently, ensuring pupils are aware of the stage they are on
  • refer to our key Rules when discussing pupil behaviour; ready, respectful and safe
  • recognise good behaviour first, especially those pupils who quietly and consistently follow the rules
  • Adopt a 30 second intervention model when dealing with negative behaviour; state the behaviour and which rule it contradicts, explain the consequence, refer to previous good behaviour to model desired behaviour, walk away giving the learner time to reflect
  • never ignore or walk past negative behaviour
  • celebrate positive behaviour by; sending postcards, phoning home, emailing PT PS or FCLs.

Recording Process:

Stage 1- verbal warning 

Stage 2-  demerit- this must be recorded on seemis and pupils must be aware.

Stage 3- (removed from class with work) send referral to the curricular PT

NB– stage 3 is when a pupil is removed due to a behaviour issue.  It is not when a child has been removed for a discussion about their behaviour and brought back in. Neither is it when they are moved to another class to catch up on work.

Stage 4- 

  • In the cases of more extreme behaviour, or persistent lack of adhering to the ‘pupil expectations’, pupils should be placed on a Planned Removal.
  • At this stage a referral should be sent to your curricular PT.
  • The curricular PT will organise the planned removal; speak to the pupil, contact home via the ‘planned removal’ letter and forward the referral to the DHT responsible for the house the pupil is in.
  • DHT will then meet with the pupil before they re-enter the class to discuss the discipline issue. 
  • DHT should also forward the referral onto the appropriate pastoral link. 

Important Reminders:

  • Monday Merit Check– FCLs should check who hasn’t received a demerit the previous week and award them a weekly co-op. (This was a suggestion from a pupil focus group.)
  • Other Merits– classroom teachers should continue to give excellence, citizenship etc whenever possible. A ‘good work’ merit has also been added.
  • Referrals are solely for recording and reporting behaviour issues, they are not for logging pastoral concerns. Pastoral notes should be used for this.
  • In the event that you have to deal with prejudice-based bullying, please refer to Preventing-and-Challenging-Bullying-Behaviours-2019-2020 (5).docx



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