Please access this website anytime for information, links to games, and ideas on activities to do with your child during the Coronavirus Pandemic, and remember – stay safe!

At Wallacetown Early Years Centre we are committed to creating good home links between our staff members and parents/carers. These days children are more engaged with digital technology than ever before. We hope that by creating a digital way for you and your child to engage online with our 30 milestones, we canĀ improve outcomes for all children and close the gap between the most and least disadvantaged children in Scotland.

We have 30 milestones for children aged 3-5, covering Health & Wellbeing, Numeracy & Mathematics, and Literacy & English.

We also have 31 milestones for children aged 2-3, covering Wellbeing, Communication, andĀ Promoting Curiosity, Inquiry & Creativity.






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