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Science activity

Hi there,

I have a fun activity for you to do today. It’s all about animals using camouflage which is a way of hiding something by covering or colouring it so that it looks like its surroundings.

I have a PowerPoint with audio (suitable for P1-7)  that tells you the four different ways that animals and insects use camouflage to protect themselves from being eaten!

It doesn’t matter what year you are in, you can choose to do any one of the three tasks that are listed in the PowerPoint.

The natural world is full of wonders and I hope you will learn a bit about how animals adapt themselves to survive in different environments.

Camouflage adaptation (2)

Butterfly Template

Have a good day,

Mrs Campbell 😀


P6 Home Learning 18/06/20

Good morning P6

Here are the literacy and numeracy tasks for today. Good luck and let me know how you get on 🙂




Today you have a choice of 2 ‘Nowhere Emporium’ tasks. You can choose 1 to do or if you’re looking for a challenge you could try both. Copies of these are at the bottom.


The first one is a Blankety Blank. Read the passage and use the words in the box at the bottom to fill in the missing spaces. Remember to imagine the word is in the sentence and check that it would make sense.


The second activity is a Picture It. This is a description from Chapter 27. I recently read this chapter on Dojo if you would like to listen to it. Use the description to draw your own picture of what is happening. Use the words in the passage to label your picture.




If you do Maths Seeds with Mrs Campbell, play 30 minutes of Maths Seeds. Then play this decimals game ordering the decimals from lowest to highest.


If you have Workbook 6 I’m looking for you to complete activities 23 and 27. I have included pictures of these below. Remember you can use the place value table from yesterday to help remind you of the columns for tenths and hundredths.

P6 Maths seeds group


Hope you’ve enjoyed the last two days of Olympics!

Just to let you know that for these last two weeks I will not be posting anymore individual lessons for you and you can follow the work Miss Goldie has set.

However please  log onto Maths Seeds  and complete lessons to continue your learning and revision.

Remember I am still at the end of a message so if you need any support for any class work or would just like to say hello, please do!

Enjoy your last two weeks.

Mrs Campbell 😀

P6 Home Learning 17.06.20

Morning everyone


I hope you all enjoyed Sports Day and found some fun activities to do!


Here are today’s tasks. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.




If you do Reading Eggspress, do 30mins of your lesson and the next 20 words in your yellow spelling booklet along with any you need to practise from last week. Practising these regularly will really make a difference and help you for P7 🙂


Everyone else, we’re going to do some comprehension. Read the passage below then answer the questions giving full sentences where you can. I recommend reading the passage twice. This will make it much easier when answering the questions.




This week, following on from fractions, we’re going to look at decimals. This is revision but it has also been a while since we worked on decimals. Look at the place value chart below to remind yourself of each of the columns.


If you do workbook 5, today you’re going to look at tenths. Watch and read the teaching part at the top of this page then complete activities 1 and 2.


If you do workbook 6, today you will be looking at the connection between fractions and decimals. Watch the teaching video and read the information. Then complete activities 1 and 2.




So another treat today – the Olympics and no other tasks from your class teacher 🙂

This week we are challenging you all to the speed bounce – This is a challenge that Morning everyone,

Thanks to everyone who liked and put up photos of Sports Day. If you can’t upload just leave me a wee comment or like.
is easy for everyone to do inside or outside their house.

Please give this challenge a go, challenge your parents, carers, friends, anyone!!

Sports Day

Sports Day – Monday 15th June

I don’t know what equipment you have at home or what the weathers going to be like so I’ve tried to keep this accessible to everyone.
You don’t have to complete everything. Choose things that you think you will enjoy – and try and push yourself!!!
Have fun and ask family members to join in. Let me know how you got on and try and post me some photos.

  1. Egg and spoon race – use whatever you have, apple/potato – how many laps can you do?
  2. Sack race – maybe use a pillow case – ask an adult!!!!!!! – how far can you go?
  3. Daily 15 – can you hop/skip/jump/run/walk for 15 minutes
  4. Instead of splat the teacher, splat the adult with a wet sponge – please ask the adult!!! – how many times can you hit them on the legs?
  5. Can you create an obstacle course? How many times can you go round it?
  6. Throw and clap. How many times can you throw a ball/pair of socks up , clp your hands and catch it?
  7. Blindfold balance. Wrap a blindfold/scarf around your eyes – no cheating!!! – and see how long you can balance on one leg without holding onto anything.
  8. Book balance. Put a book – more than 1 if you want a challenge!!! – on your head and see how long you can walk about for before the book drops.
  9. Stand up/Sit down. Sit on a chair, how many times can you stand up and sit down without stopping?
  10. How many times can you bounce a ball on a tennis racquet? You can use a frying pan and a pair of socks too.
  11. How long can you go on your bike/scooter/roller skates/trampoline for?
  12. Three legged race
  13. How many step ups in 30 seconds – using front, back or inside steps
  14. Wheelbarrow – get your parent, carer or sibling to help you out, see how fast you can complete a lap
  15. “Egg Toss” – yourself and one other stand apart, using an apple, socks, egg, anything, see how many throws you can get without dropping the ball. Teamwork.
  16. Hurdles – using some equipment from your garden, or towels from your house, set them up with small spaces in between, see how far you can get the hurdles apart
  17. Speed Bounce – Have an item on the ground that you can jump over. Standing with your feet together you need to jump over the item side to side without touching the item in the middle – see how many times you can jump over
  18. Shot put – Using a sock
  19. On line activities – you tube
    a. The Body Coach
    b. Kids Workout
    c. Fun Workout
    d. Les Mills
    e. TKD for kids
    f. NHS Fitness
    g. Very Well Family
    h. Fun Family Activities
    i. Renfrewshire Leisure

This will be a sports day like no other. Your class teacher won’t be posting today. Make the most of it 🙂

Science activity

Hi everybody,

Now during lockdown we have had to stop going places, stay home and learn to keep busy around the house. Life has become very simple and I don’t know about you but I look forward to mealtimes and going to bed as that’s all we’ve been allowed to do!!

I have attached PowerPoint that will show you about our body clocks. Everyone from P1-P7 can look at the ppt as I have added audio in.

Body Clocks ppt

Now the activity I have is on the last slide and I just want you to think about what you do in 24hours.

For P1-3 You can chat to someone in your house about what your body clock is like, then either write a few sentences about it or film a clip of you talking about it. You don’t have to complete the clock template unless you’d like to.

P4-7 you can all complete the clock template.

I hope you enjoy learning about the clock inside of us all that makes us want to eat, sleep and get busy. I’ve certainly learned a few things whilst I have been preparing this for you.

I’ve included the pdf with the full size clock template here too.

body clock

Have a good day!

Mrs Campbell 😀

P6 Home Learning 11/06/20

Good morning P6


Thank you for all of your hard work this week. Here are today’s activities.




Today, I’m looking for you to get creative and write your own story. Look at the picture below to inspire you. Some things to think about when creating your story are who does the shoes belong to? Why have they been left? Where are they?



Today we are going to do some problem solving. You have a choice of which activity you would like to try:



  • Try some of the challenges on Google Classroom or Dojo. Some are quite tricky but it would be great to see you challenge yourself with them 🙂