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Art Activity

Hi everybody,

Here’s my last art post to you all.

We are now in the last week of school and we would normally have the opportunity to visit our new teacher for the afternoon to get to know them and get excited about being in their class in August.

I’d want to ask you a question……What makes you happy?

Toys? Food? Family? Friends Pets? Holidays? …………..

This art activity is the chance to let your new teacher know what makes you tick and especially what makes you happy. I know that it is important to us teachers that we get to know you and this little piece of art will help us do that. Please send your completed work to your current class teacher as normal and then I can make sure they get passed on to your new teacher.

P7’s – please do this activity as I can get it passed on to your guidance teachers in the high school.


Don’t worry if you can’t print this off. Perhaps you could make a small video showing off what makes you happy. If you are feeling especially creative you could make a PowerPoint, film an iMovie, create a poster or simply draw it on a piece of paper.

Lastly when you do this activity make sure you are feeling happy to do it and that will keep everyone in your house happy too 😀

Mrs Campbell

Science activity

Hi there,

I have a fun activity for you to do today. It’s all about animals using camouflage which is a way of hiding something by covering or colouring it so that it looks like its surroundings.

I have a PowerPoint with audio (suitable for P1-7)  that tells you the four different ways that animals and insects use camouflage to protect themselves from being eaten!

It doesn’t matter what year you are in, you can choose to do any one of the three tasks that are listed in the PowerPoint.

The natural world is full of wonders and I hope you will learn a bit about how animals adapt themselves to survive in different environments.

Camouflage adaptation (2)

Butterfly Template

Have a good day,

Mrs Campbell 😀


P6 Home Learning 18/06/20

Good morning P6

Here are the literacy and numeracy tasks for today. Good luck and let me know how you get on 🙂




Today you have a choice of 2 ‘Nowhere Emporium’ tasks. You can choose 1 to do or if you’re looking for a challenge you could try both. Copies of these are at the bottom.


The first one is a Blankety Blank. Read the passage and use the words in the box at the bottom to fill in the missing spaces. Remember to imagine the word is in the sentence and check that it would make sense.


The second activity is a Picture It. This is a description from Chapter 27. I recently read this chapter on Dojo if you would like to listen to it. Use the description to draw your own picture of what is happening. Use the words in the passage to label your picture.




If you do Maths Seeds with Mrs Campbell, play 30 minutes of Maths Seeds. Then play this decimals game ordering the decimals from lowest to highest.


If you have Workbook 6 I’m looking for you to complete activities 23 and 27. I have included pictures of these below. Remember you can use the place value table from yesterday to help remind you of the columns for tenths and hundredths.

P6 Maths seeds group


Hope you’ve enjoyed the last two days of Olympics!

Just to let you know that for these last two weeks I will not be posting anymore individual lessons for you and you can follow the work Miss Goldie has set.

However please  log onto Maths Seeds  and complete lessons to continue your learning and revision.

Remember I am still at the end of a message so if you need any support for any class work or would just like to say hello, please do!

Enjoy your last two weeks.

Mrs Campbell 😀