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P6 Maths Seeds group


Hope you are all well.

Here is your maths task for today.

Play the place value game

See how much money you can win with your knowledge of place value. Now this can get tricky and will use tenths, hundredths and thousandths which are all after the decimal point. See the place value chart to help you. Don’t peek during the game…that’s cheating!! 😀

Now complete the worksheet which won’t use numbers after the decimal point. That was just extra learning!!

digit values

Have a good day.

Mrs Campbell 😀

P6 Home Learning 03/06/20

Good morning P6


How are you today?


Here are today’s literacy and numeracy tasks. Remember to take your time and ask if you need any help.




We’re going to try something new for reading today. On Monday I sent out some parent invites to join


Today, I’d like you to explore the site and find something to read. There are lots and lots of books, audiobooks and comics to choose from. The details for logging in should all be in the parent invite email but if you have any issues let me know. Enjoy!




If you do Maths Seeds with Mrs Campbell, do 30mins of Maths Seeds and the activity Mrs Campbell will post today.


Complete activity 20 in your workbook. This continues our work on equivalent fractions.

Remember, whatever you do to the denominator (the number at the bottom of a fraction) you also need to do to the numerator (the number at the top of a fraction). So for question 2 and 3, see what the denominator has been multiplied by to create the new fraction. Then multiply the numerator by the same number.

For question 5 see what number is a factor for both the numerator and denominator. Use the factor to divide top and bottom.  For example, for 6/8, both 6 and 8 can be divided by 2. If you divide the top and bottom by 2 you will get the simplified fraction ¾.

Health and Well Being Activities for the Week – 02.06.20

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well.

Over the next few weeks we will look at online safety and being kind.  This is a link to remind us about what being safe and kind online is about

As we are all spending so much more time online these days Mrs Arnold and I thought a wee exercise to remind us how to use our online time safely would be good.

It is great that we are all able to keep in touch safely with our friends at this difficult time but sometimes this causes problems because it is not quite the same as seeing each other face to face.

Here a few helpful reminders to make sure being online stays safe and fun.


  1. Behind every profile is a real person

Even though you are communicating in a virtual way, everyone’s feelings are still real.

  1. Pause before you share

Think, is this something I would say to their face?

  1. Try to be inclusive

Don’t leave people out of the fun and try not to join in if you see something unkind.

These are a few helpful websites with useful information about staying safe online for children and parents to help  (for parents)


So this week we would like you to look at the BBC Own It website and listen to some of the short videos about being safe and kind online, have a think about how you use social media and what you could do to be your best self online.

How we behave online shouldn’t be different to how we behave offline.

Happy thinking!

Miss Cunningham and Mrs Arnold

P6 Home Learning 02/06/20

Morning everyone


Here are the tasks for today. Friday is a catch up day so take your time with these and try your best 🙂




Today we are going to continue looking at fractions. Firstly, watch this video:


It has some nice reminders about equivalent fractions. Then on Splash Learn complete the activity ‘equivalent fractions’. Finally, remember we have a Sumdog competition this week.



If you are in Mrs McLeod’s comprehension group use this link to watch both videos of Stephen Fry reading parts of ‘Percy Jackson Lightning Thief’.

Then complete activities 1 and 2. Remember, a summary is a short description about what has happened in your own words. Think about the key points in the passage. Imagine if you were telling a friend about what you have read, how would you tell them about it?


If you do Reading Eggspress, do 30mins of your lesson and the next 20 words in your yellow spelling booklet along with any you need to practise from last week.


We are going to continue looking at the passage ‘A Grizzly Tale’ from last week. This week we are going to think about the words used. Read the passage again then answer the questions below. See google classroom or dojo for the passage and questions.



Firstly I hope you are safe and well.
Here is your week 4 of RL Online Olympics. Thank you to the 2 entries last week, to try and make it into the top 10 we need to have at least 10 entries every week!
This week our challenge is how many socks can you get in the bucket?
Please remember to upload your best score by 11:59pm on Sunday 7th of June for your entry to be considered.
A reminder that Sam is also doing live 3pm dances on a Wednesdays on Instagram :
And lastly, can I remind you of Sengas walking challenge too at the following link:
Come on Cochrane Castle, lets show Renfrewshire what we can do!!
You may even get some Class Dojos for entering………..

Art activity

Hey everybody,

The sun is shining so I am officially allowing   ;-D   you to go outside!!!

Why not have a go at drawing around your favourite toy or choose an interesting object.

You might have to wait till later on in the day until the sun is lower in the sky to get the shadow to fall on the ground at the right angle. If you keep the toy outside you could keep checking to see the shadows get bigger and smaller throughout the day. This is because the sun moves in the sky and starts off in the east lower then moves south and gets higher eventually  setting in the west lower again.

Get a piece of paper and draw around the shadow. You can then add detail to your drawing or just colour it in. Be creative!

Mrs Campbell 😀

P6 Home Learning 01.06.20

Good morning everyone and happy first of June!


I can’t believe we are in June already. How are you today? I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Here are today’s literacy and numeracy tasks. Look out for the answers to the guess the staff baby pictures later on today.




Spelling, unit 28 for booklets 4 and 5. Unit 14 for booklet 3. Use look, cover, write and check to write your words twice then choose 2 active spelling activities to practise your words.




This week our focus is fractions. Today, we will be thinking about equivalent fractions. This is when different fractions represent the same amount. For example, if you eat ½ of a pizza, this is the same as eating  4 out of 8 slices or .


Firstly, use this link to watch the top 2 videos:


Then, complete activity 1. I have attached pictures of the worksheet on dojo and google classroom. Please write this in your squared jotter or on scrap paper. For question 2 take your time and read the questions carefully. It might help to draw the pictures out and colour in the parts so you can see the fraction.


Finally, there is a Sumdog competition this week focussing on fractions. This is a competition for our class and will finish at midday on Friday. Good luck!