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Health and Well Being Activities for the Week – 26.05.20

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well.


This week I would like you to read the quick story above, then think about the questions at the end and write down your answers.

My answers would be:

While I am home I am learning

  1. How to plant flowers
  2. How to fix and paint fences
  3. How to use the computer in different ways to help everyone learn.

What I miss most these days

  1. Visiting my family
  2. Going out to lunch with my friends
  3. Going to horse competitions
  4. Going on holiday
  5. Seeing everyone in school

What I am looking forward to when it is over

  1. Seeing my family
  2. Going out to lunch with my friends
  3. Going to horse competitions
  4. Finding somewhere new to go on holiday
  5. Getting to see everyone in school again.

As always you can do as much or as little as you like but Iā€™d love to hear your answers!

Happy thinking!

Miss Cunningham

Primary 4 26.05.20

Good morning boys and girls. I hope you had a lovely long weekend and I am still missing you all lots.
Literacy 26.05.20
Reading and comprehension
Bug club
Diamonds ā€“ Pet finders underground p20-48
Sapphires ā€“ Big giant, little bear p21-40
Emeralds ā€“ Going into space p16-32
Crystals ā€“ Fun festivals p13-24
Rubies ā€“ butterflies (whole book)

Now you have read the whole book I want you to use another one of our reciprocal reading roles and become Sammy summariser. Remember when you are summarising you are telling in just a couple of sentences the main points of the story. You should probably be aiming to write between 3 and 6 sentences at the most.

Maths 26.05.20
Read the information on p116 and answer all the questions in part 1 and 2 on p117 of Leckie book 1C. Please add your work onto your portfolio and remember to use either Ā£ or p symbol when working with money.
Rectangles: Today I will attach a powerpoint for you to complete some subtraction questions. You must make sure you have the presentation on slideshow (full screen) and workout out the answers for each tile. When you think you have worked it out click on the tile to check your answer.

Outdoor Classroom Day – 21.05.20

Today is Outdoor Classroom Day so the teachers have put together a grid for you to pick your favourite activities from. You can do one or you can do them all. Have lots of fun with it as a family and try and go out to explore come rain or shine šŸ™‚

P1-3 Learning Grid for Outdoor Classroom Day

P4-P7 outdoor classroom day

Here is some of the hard work Mrs Watson and Aiden have been doing in the Outdoors over the last week.

We all hope you have a lovely holiday weekend and we will be posting again on Tuesday šŸ™‚

Whole School Challenge – 20.05.20

Good morning Cochrane Castle, I hope you are all keeping well and safe!

Today is a catch up day for any work you have missed out on doing this week AND you are being challenged to redesign our garden area at the back of the school. Are you up to the challenge? See the file below for further information šŸ™‚

Design a Garden

You can work on your own or as a family on it, send any design ideas to your teacher by Friday 29th May – go on get creative! šŸ™‚