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Sumdog Challenge for Digital Learning Week

Some of our classes have been taking part in the Sumdog National Competition. Across the whole UK, 2330 schools took part. We are absolutely delighted to announce how our classes did.

P4/3 came 230th.

P3 came 121st.

P2 came 99th.

P5 came 88th

and P4 came an amazing 65th in the country.

Fantastic news for all these children. Well done!


Global citizenship week

As part of global citizenship week primary 4 have had a special visit from Amani all the way from Antigua. From getting to know Amani we have found out lots of his interests and likes such as he is Christian and loves going to church with his Gran and sister. We were able to look on the map and point out were Antigua is and also to recognise the flag. Also we have looked at Christianity and different churches.

On Wednesday Ellie loved having Amani sitting on her desk all day to watch her work very well. All the boys and girls got to pass him round as we discussed how Amani might feel being a new pupil and what we could do to make him feel welcome. Kady, Morgan and Emi had lots of good ideas and were able to share how they felt being new to Cochrane Castle Primary

After reading Amani’s favourite story Anasi the Spider-Man we decided to create a giant web just like Anasi the greedy spider.

Then we used egg boxes and pipe cleaners to make our very own Anasi spiders. I think the boys and girls will love using their creations to make up their own Anasi spider stories.

British Heart Foundation Ultimate Dodgeball


Following our Ultimate Dodgeball tournament during Health Week, we are delighted to announce that we raised an amazing £472.36 for the British Heart Foundation. Many thanks to all of you who brought in the sponsorship money. Not only did the children all have great fun playing Ultimate Dodgeball but we raised a tremendous amount for a great cause. Thank-you.

Science experiment

In science we were looking at what are germs, what causes germs and how germs spread. The class took part in two different experiments which were very messy. Here are some videos that the children out together. The children took pictures throughout the experiments, then used an app on the iPad to talk their way through the learning journey using their pictures.