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School Show

Well done P2 you were all superstars ⭐️ last night and you gave your absolute all in both our performances! Such talented singers and dancers!

I loved your ‘attitude faces’!

We even got time to create some summer art while we we were waiting on our turn.

Don’t know which one I would like to try first 🍦

Beach Shop

Primary 2 decided to turn our imaginative area into a ‘Beach Shop”. We brainstormed what we could put in our shop and we went on a hunt to try and find the items.

We began thinking about holidays and different places we would like to visit in the world. We used the iPads to find pictures of the different holiday destinations.

We completed our writing task,  where we shared where we would like to visit giving reason for our choice.  We enjoyed reading our work to the rest of the class. Primary 2 also created posters of their favourite holiday destinations to display in our ‘Beach Shop’.






Friendship Bracelets

Primary 2 have learned all about 90’s fashions but accessories were really what made a 90’s outfit. Friendship bracelets were often the highlight of slumber parties. “Having a matching friendship bracelet made sure everyone knew who your best friend was” (Finlay).

Primary 2 have been thinking about the qualities you need to be a good friend. We enjoyed listening to each other’s stories and we were happy when our friend chose to make us a friendship bracelet.

We just loved showing our bracelets off!

Potions Lab

Whilst reading ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ Primary 2 decided they would like to mix up some special potions of their own. We decided to turn our imaginative area into a “Potions Lab”.

We have had so much fun thinking of ingredients to use in our potions and also thinking of the method we would need to follow.

We had fun mixing up our ingredients and making labels for our potion.

We decided to make some ‘Bewitching Art’ and we loved coming up with spooky names for our witches.

Digital Learning Week

Primary 2 have had lots of fun this week taking part in digital learning tasks.

“On Monday we learned how to use the ‘Daisy Dinosaur’ app. I want to download it on my own iPad” (Matthew).

“It was so funny when we managed to shrink Daisy, she was so small you would need binoculars to see her” (Ella). “Me and Matthew managed to complete all the challenges. We are so good at coding!” (Finlay).

“We even managed to get some time to play sumdog. I’m on the soccer level and it is so cool! I keep trying hard to be in the top five students”. (Ellie)

“On Tuesday we used ‘Tellegami’ to record important information about our magic potions. Once you drank my potion you couldn’t stop dancing!” (Lily).

“My potion is called rainbow potion and once you take a tablespoon you can make rainbows anywhere! (Brooke)”

“I liked recording my voice and letting the class hear all about my Dragon Breath potion” (Lucas).

I liked changing my character. I gave mine a funny face!” (Matthew)

” I liked taking a picture of our ‘Potions Lab’ and using it as my background. It looked so cool” (Finlay).

“I liked choosing my potion picture for my background and changing my ladies top” (Sophie).

On Wednesday we used the app ‘Puppet edu’ to share the ingredients and method of how we made our potions!






Sumdog Challenge for Digital Learning Week

Some of our classes have been taking part in the Sumdog National Competition. Across the whole UK, 2330 schools took part. We are absolutely delighted to announce how our classes did.

P4/3 came 230th.

P3 came 121st.

P2 came 99th.

P5 came 88th

and P4 came an amazing 65th in the country.

Fantastic news for all these children. Well done!