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Global Citizenship Week

Primary 7 have been learning about the life of our Brazilian ‘guest’: Diego Lopez.

Brazilians are descendants of people from all of the world. This means they have a very diverse culture. This is especially noticeable during Carnival – a bright, colourful celebration with Catholic roots.

Here are some Carnival masks that we made:

Many Brazilian farmers struggle to make enough money to make ends meat because companies pay them very little for their products. Fairtrade helps farmers get a fair price for their products. Buying Fairtrade products is an excellent way to support farmers in Brazil.

We used Tellegami to explain the importance of Fairtrade.

We have been learning about the hardships of the Rio de Janeiro favelas, such as drugs, crime and unemployment. This us working on our pop-art pictures of favelas in the style of Brazilian artists Romero Britto.

British Heart Foundation Ultimate Dodgeball


Following our Ultimate Dodgeball tournament during Health Week, we are delighted to announce that we raised an amazing £472.36 for the British Heart Foundation. Many thanks to all of you who brought in the sponsorship money. Not only did the children all have great fun playing Ultimate Dodgeball but we raised a tremendous amount for a great cause. Thank-you.

Lockerbie Manor Day 5

What a brilliant end to the week!

Last night we tested how much we trust each other on the Blind Trail.

This morning group 18 went down the zip wire while group 19 were bivouacking. Then both groups got to get rid of some of their aggression in archery.

Well done to everyone! You all challenged yourselves and achieved so much! We are very proud of each and every one of you!

There will be no Pun of the Day competition, for today we announce the joint Pun-ishers of the Week:

Aidan B and Kai!!!

The two of you were consistently pun-ny throughout the week!

Lockerbie Manor Day 4

Today was a really water filled day for group 18, Their first session was a joint group activity with group 19. We were canoeing and kayaking. Then they had Sups (stand up paddle boarding). Corrie was really good and then Kyle pushed her. Kyle fell in like 20 times so everything was fine. After sups group 18 went mountain biking, they first went down quite a steep hill.

Group 19 went climbing and abseiling. Some of them really pushed themselves!!! Then they went on a small course with was pretty muddy. Finally they went on a longer course which was really muddy.

Tonight we are going on a blind trail. Let’s hope for the best!

Written by Alyssa-Marie, Corrie

*** (Other) Pun of the (yester)Day ***
When Mr Paton was completing his final sweep of the boys’ pods to make sure everyone was sleeping, he found Aidan B shivering wearing his fleece under his sleeping bag. “Are you okay?” asked Mr Paton. Aidan turned and replied “I’m fleecing!”

Brilliant one, Aidan. It was so good it was allowed to compete in Thursday’s competition!

It was also Lucy’s birthday. Here she is trying to eat her cake in one mouthful:


Lockerbie Manor Day 3

Today was the most amazing day because group 19 and 18 did a double session of wide games and it was extremely fantastic!

But that wasn’t the fun part since both groups did top notch fencing and we learned about the rules and tactics.
But later group 18 did survival shelter building and it was “VERY” muddy!
Despite how incredibly dirty our shoes were, we were ready to take on very hard low ropes course. It was quite a hard session, but we all made it and had fun.
Group 19 also had a good day doing the low ropes course and the zip wire.
Tonight we will be getting super muddy at the obstacle course.
Luba and Aleesha

*** Pun of the Day ***

After losing a fencing match, Luba pointed to the tip of the epee and asked “What’s the point?!”