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Sumdog Challenge for Digital Learning Week

Some of our classes have been taking part in the Sumdog National Competition. Across the whole UK, 2330 schools took part. We are absolutely delighted to announce how our classes did.

P4/3 came 230th.

P3 came 121st.

P2 came 99th.

P5 came 88th

and P4 came an amazing 65th in the country.

Fantastic news for all these children. Well done!


P3 Sumdog Challenge!

As part of our Digital Learning Week, our whole school has been taking part in a Sumdog challenge.

Primary 3 have loved challenging themselves and collecting points for all their hard work.

Arran really enjoyed using the ipads to work at maths time. He worked quickly to solve the puzzles and came first in a game – go Arran!

Mackenzie and Hannah enjoyed playing against each other and managed to collect loads of coins between them. Well done girls!

Eilidh, Emily, Libby and Summer all thought that it was a great way to challenge themselves at maths. They all said they’d definitely try it at home. Smashing!

I wonder who the winning class will be?

World of Work

We all came to school dressed as the person we’d like to be when we grow up. It was great to share all our hopes for the future!

Emily wants to be a famous Hollywood actress. She said she’d like to win an Oscar some day!

Sophie said she’s love to be a window cleaner because she’s like to see things from up high and she wants to look in all the windows!

Mackenzie wants to be a famous singer because she could go on tours and see different countries.

Stephen said he’d like to be a police officer because he wants to put bad people into jail.

Hannah wants to be a stable owner when she grows up because I can take care of horses. They are one of her favourite animals.

Reece wants to be a sheep farmer because he just LOVES Shaun the Sheep.

Jayden wants to be a policeman so that he can help people and make them have a happier life.

Kayla said she’s desperate to be a vet when she grows up because she loves helping animals.

Summer thinks it would be amazing to be a princess because she would get to play with whoever she wants.

Emma wants to be a singer when she grows up. She is inspired by Melanie Martinez. Her favourite song is Carousel.

Ellie would just love to be super woman when she’s older! She thinks it’s a great way to help people. She can fly about and see what’s happening and who to help!

Eilidh wants to be a youtuber when she’s grown up. She would tell scary legends and other stories.

Lily wants to do show jumping with horses. She’s like to own her own stables too.

Libby wants to be a make-up artist. She’d like to do the make-up for people in movies!

Mohammed says when he grows up, he’d like to be a youtuber just like Jack Septiceye. Mohamed’s videos would be showing people cool games.

Atif wants to be a footballer when he grows up because he likes to play football. He ‘d like to be on the school football team.

Millie says she’d like to be a dance teacher when she is an adult. She’d teach a mixture of hip hop and cheer-leading.

Mrs McLeod said if she wasn’t a teacher, she’d like to be an artist. We  think she looks like a very messy worker!

Global Citizenship day

Primary 3 have had a lovely time celebrating the Chinese culture. Our new pupil, Jiang, has taught us lots about his life in China and we have been sharing facts that we have learned in our own research time.

Yesterday we learned how to write in Chinese  and we found out how Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Today we tried noodles and prawn crackers! Some of us even had a go at eating with chipsticks….

We worked together to colour dragons to decorate the class.

Stephen and Mohammed said that their dragon represented “Good luck to everybody and that they hope they have a successful life in the future”

Emily and Hannah said that their dragon represented “Hoping that your life is as bright and colourful as the dragon and that you’re never lonely. We hope there’s always someone with you”

Summer and Ellie said that their dragon “Our dragon means that you want to make everyone happy by dancing like the dragon”

Kayla and Lilly helped Mrs McLeod to make a display for the class.

We have had a super week!

British Heart Foundation Ultimate Dodgeball


Following our Ultimate Dodgeball tournament during Health Week, we are delighted to announce that we raised an amazing £472.36 for the British Heart Foundation. Many thanks to all of you who brought in the sponsorship money. Not only did the children all have great fun playing Ultimate Dodgeball but we raised a tremendous amount for a great cause. Thank-you.

Global Citizenship Week

Primary3  welcomed a new pupil in our class this week. Say hello to Jiang Wu!

He is originally from Hong Kong and now lives in Johnstone.  We will be finding out all about his culture and deciding how we can make him feel welcome at Cochrane Castle school.

At the end of the week we will be celebrating all things Chinese.

So far we have been using maps to locate China and we have been finding out where Hong Kong is. We have drawn and coloured flags and we have made a passport for Jiang.

We have been finding and naming the continents of the world.

Did you know you could fit about 29 UKs into China. It is HUGE!