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Updates from School Counsellor & Negative Consent forms for Place2Talk Service








Hello Cochrane Castle Families,


Welcome back! It has been so wonderful seeing you all at the morning drop off and finally having your kiddos back in the school. These past few months have been such a whirlwind and it’s totally understandable if you find yourself having a lot of mixed emotions about the return to school.

The Place2Be counselling program on West Johnstone Campus will be resuming shortly. Including our work with parents, one-to-one counselling, and our lunch time self-referral service called Place2Talk, which was hugely popular last year with students.

Last year signed permission slips were required for students to be able to use the Place2Talk service. This year we are moving to a negative consent. Meaning that if you want your child to have access to this service  no signed permission slip is required, just do nothing.  How simple is that!

If you DO NOT want your child to have access to this service please contact me or the school (via email, phone, or morning drop off), or print off the negative consent form below and we will remove your child from the approved list. You can change your consent at any time.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or your head teacher. I am so excited to be working with your kids this upcoming academic year.


Attached at the bottom of this post is the negative consent form as well as a FAQ sheet about the Place2Talk program.

Click the link below and the file will download. If you have any trouble viewing the document please contact me, and I can send you a copy via email or home with your child.

Place2talk Negative Consent Letter and FAQS

-Melissa Dever, School Counsellor

New Online Interactive Parenting Course

Hello Cochrane Castle Family,

Today I want to share with you about a new and awesome opportunity that Place2Be has created for parents.  Parenting Fast and Slow is a new interactive online parenting course that is fun highly effective with helping parents makes positive changes for themselves’ and their children.

Parenting Fast & Slow is designed for parents with children aged 3-9 years old. You can learn new ways to help your child be calmer, more helpful, and learn better. There are fun film clips, cartoons and exercises. You can do the course on your mobile, tablet or laptop. The methods are proven to work, and you can practice putting your new skills into action at home from day one.

By doing this online course you will help your children become happier, more rounded, and easier to live with. You will get a better understanding of what makes them tick, and crucially, practical techniques on how to relate to them in a different way. You will find that your children are surprisingly responsive to the changes you make.


•    It’s proven to work: its principles have been successful in trials with over 10,000 children – you get more co-operation, fewer sulks and refusals!

•    Builds inner strength: by responding more sensitively to your child, they will carry forward a sense of security to all future relationships

•    Better learning: it shows enjoyable ways to read with your child that are proven to increase their reading age – and with fewer squabbles over homework!

•    Improves brain growth: applying the course principles develops the parts of the brain that affect learning, feelings and behaviour

•    It’s personalised: the quizzes tell you where you are at compared with other parents and children. As you go along, you write down your experiences which get stored privately in “My Portfolio” so you have a record of your progress

•    It’s interactive and fun: with exercises to help you learn new skills

•    Become part of our community: share tips and experiences with other parents.


If you would like to learn more, click here. I currently have several vouchers that parents can use to make this course free. If you have any questions or are interested in joining please reach out to me!



Call or Text 07976 229491