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Happy holidays Primary 1

I know it may not feel like it with the weather outside but today marks our final day of home learning before the Summer holidays!

First of all I would like to say an absolutely huge thank you and well done to all the parents and carers of the P1 children, you have been superstars over the past few months helping your child to learn at home!

Also a huge thank you to the children, I have absolutely loved being their teacher this year and have missed them so much over the past 13 weeks! I cannot wait to see them in August and hope they have a fantastic summer holidays.

I have put together a wee video for them, which I hope they enjoy watching and remembering all the fun we have had this year πŸ™‚

If you have any questions or they would like to share things they are doing over the holidays feel free to send messages in here and I will see them at some point over the 6 weeks πŸ™‚

HWB Activities 25.06.20

Hello Everyone,

It’s almost the summer holidays, and today will be my last HWB post on Dojo and the blog for this year.Β  I hope you have had fun trying all the tasks this year and that they have helped you with your emotions during lockdown.

Activity 1

Create your own β€˜coronacoaster’ to explore your feelings during lockdown and as we are starting to find our way back to normal.

Below are a couple of links to explain this further and to give you some inspiration.

Activity 2

Explain to your family about emotion works and how we use it in school.

Watch the video link below, answer questions and discuss it with an adult. There is also a counting challenge so you have to take a close look at the video.

Enjoy and happy thinking everyone,

Miss Cunningham

Primary 1 – 25/06/20

There will be some more tasks set for you today. I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine which is forecast!

Tomorrow I will post the class video that you all contributed to so keep your eyes peeled for that πŸ™‚

Today is the last day of our Sumdog competition and as always send me some pictures of what you have been up to and I will post a final class collage tomorrow 😊


Science activity

Good Afternoon,

This will be your final post from me this school year for Science πŸ™

But I’ve got a really nice last activity for you all to try πŸ˜€

You can try it at any time, don’t worry about having to do the task by Friday!

Do you wanna build a ….. no not a snowman!

Do you want to make some ice cream?!?!

Watch this clip and ‘Science at home with Mrs B’ will tell you how to make ice cream in a bag. If you can’t view the clip then google ice cream in a bag and there are loads of clips to watch.


Ice cream in a bag

Hope it’s a success!

Hope you all have a safe, happy and relaxing summer holidays. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in August.

Sending warm hugs!

Mrs Campbell πŸ˜€

Primary 1 – 24/06/20

Good morning, I had a lovely day out visiting you all yesterday it was fantastic to see all your lovely smiles again.

Today Miss Cunningham is setting you a task, remember to keep sending pictures of what you are getting up to πŸ™‚

As always you have books available on Bugclub, tricky words to practice, the Sumdog competition to take part in and lots of number jobs which we have been doing that you can go over!

Have another lovely day and remember just message if you have any questions πŸ™‚

Primary 1 – 22/06/20

Good morning Primary 1 and welcome to our final week of home learning before the Summer holidays and your last week of Primary 1! I will be coming out this week to visit you all and see how you are doing πŸ™‚

Today Mrs Campbell is setting you all an art task to complete. I can’t wait to see your finished pieces.

if you would like to you can also pick a book from Bugclub to read and the Renfrewshire Sumdog contest is still underway for you to take part in 😊

Art Activity

Hi everybody,

Here’s my last art post to you all.

We are now in the last week of school and we would normally have the opportunity to visit our new teacher for the afternoon to get to know them and get excited about being in their class in August.

I’d want to ask you a question……What makes you happy?

Toys? Food? Family? Friends Pets? Holidays? …………..

This art activity is the chance to let your new teacher know what makes you tick and especially what makes you happy. I know that it is important to us teachers that we get to know you and this little piece of art will help us do that. Please send your completed work to your current class teacher as normal and then I can make sure they get passed on to your new teacher.

P7’s – please do this activity as I can get it passed on to your guidance teachers in the high school.


Don’t worry if you can’t print this off. Perhaps you could make a small video showing off what makes you happy. If you are feeling especially creative you could make a PowerPoint, film an iMovie, create a poster or simply draw it on a piece of paper.

Lastly when you do this activity make sure you are feeling happy to do it and that will keep everyone in your house happy too πŸ˜€

Mrs Campbell

Primary 1 – 19/06/20

Today is our second last Friday in Primary 1! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are all set for our final week next week πŸ™‚

Take today to catch up on any work you haven’t managed to do.

There is also a Renfrewshire Sumdog competition starting, can you finish the year on a high by competing with other children in Renfrewshire schools?