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British Heart Foundation Ultimate Dodgeball


Following our Ultimate Dodgeball tournament during Health Week, we are delighted to announce that we raised an amazing £472.36 for the British Heart Foundation. Many thanks to all of you who brought in the sponsorship money. Not only did the children all have great fun playing Ultimate Dodgeball but we raised a tremendous amount for a great cause. Thank-you.


Today Primary 6 transformed into The CSI Team to help the boys and girls of Cochrane Castle  solve the case of The Cochrane Castle Criminal…

The CSI Team
The CSI Team

This morning the whole school was called to assembly to hear the breaking news that the beloved Poppy had disappeared and was being held ransom by one of our 5 suspects! Our 5 suspects were; Mr Paton, Mrs Patterson, The Jannies, Mrs McLeod and Mrs Wilson. Have a look at the video for a clip of the Cochrane Castle News.

The whole school had to work together, along with the CSI team, to carry out experiments in a bid to catch the criminal. Some of our experiments were; teeth impressions, finger printing and chromatography. We had great fun carrying out the experiments and then looking at the evidence left at the scene of the crime.

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More photos to follow.

This afternoon we had a very special visit from Johnstone Police to help bring the guilty suspect to justice. Thanks to all the hard work of the CSI team and everybody at Cochrane Castle we managed to catch the criminal… THE JANNIES!!!!!! Since everybody here is so forgiving, and it was a first time offence, we decided to forgive our lovely Jannies!

We all had great fun at CSI Day and we hope you enjoy reading all about it.

5 suspects looking worried!
5 suspects looking worried!
#Free the Jannies!!!
#Free the Jannies!!!

Fun Box

Primary 1 and 2 went on a special trip to see Fun Box. We all had so much fun and it got us in the Christmas spirit 🎄🎅🏻. We couldn’t believe there was “a real snowman who moved” (Kyle). 

image image image image image image image image image image


St Andrew’s Day

Our P7 Press Officers went round all the classes today to see what everyone had been doing for St Andrew’S Day. As you can see from the pictures below, all the pupils have been busy. Thanks to our Press Officers  Mirren, Rebecca, Emma, Aleesha, Corrie, Harley, Sean,  Jayden and Dylan for taking the photos. Look out for latest news, which they have been gathering, coming soon.

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