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*Important* Launch of ParentsPortal for Annual Data Checks

In support of Renfrewshire’s ambition to provide better communications between parents/carers and our schools, we are excited to launch – an exciting new initiative which enables and creates a digital relationship between parents, pupils and schools.

The portal is designed to replace the ‘schoolbag run’, giving parents online access to a range of school-related services.  At the heart of the system, is a secure online account through which is referred to as a ‘My Account’.  This is already used in over half of Renfrewshire schools enabling parents to make payments online.

The first phase of the service will introduce basic information about your school and will allow you to link to your child and update your own, as well as your child’s details as part of the Annual Data Check process, that is now managed electronically.

As the portal develops, we look forward to seeing more services introduced in the coming months.

On signing up to the portal, you will be able to link to your child and gain access to the services which are currently available.  Please note this service is only available to Primary and Secondary children.  In order to link to your child, the data you provide during the sign up process must match the most up-to-date data that your child’s school holds.

Click on the link below to get started:

Create MyAccount Guidance

Thank You

It has been lovely to see our children returning to school yesterday and today.

They have all settled very well and are enjoying being back at Cochrane Castle.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our families for helping us by following the procedures we have put in place.

We are looking forward to welcoming the Primary 5s and Primary 6s back to school tomorrow.

Primary 1 – 23/06/20

I hope you are all having a lovely week despite the turn in weather. I am very excited to see you all this afternoon when I come to visit!

Today Ms Harper will be setting you all sports tasks, if you didn’t manage to do Mrs Campbell’s art yesterday you could also catch up with that, Sumdog, Bugclub or any of your words and sounds you would like to have an extra go at!

Have a fantastic morning and I will see you all soon 🙂