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Sports Day! Friday, 23 June 2017

The Sports Day tomorrow will take the form of “Potted Sports”, groups of pupils trying lots of different sports.  Children are asked to come to school in their sportswear as the programme will start at 9.15 am sharp.  Due to the weather forecast the events will mainly take place inside, and as it is a joint campus event unfortunately there will be no space for spectators.  Pupils are asked to bring a bottle of water with them.

Digital Learning Week

Primary 2 have had lots of fun this week taking part in digital learning tasks.

“On Monday we learned how to use the ‘Daisy Dinosaur’ app. I want to download it on my own iPad” (Matthew).

“It was so funny when we managed to shrink Daisy, she was so small you would need binoculars to see her” (Ella). “Me and Matthew managed to complete all the challenges. We are so good at coding!” (Finlay).

“We even managed to get some time to play sumdog. I’m on the soccer level and it is so cool! I keep trying hard to be in the top five students”. (Ellie)

“On Tuesday we used ‘Tellegami’ to record important information about our magic potions. Once you drank my potion you couldn’t stop dancing!” (Lily).

“My potion is called rainbow potion and once you take a tablespoon you can make rainbows anywhere! (Brooke)”

“I liked recording my voice and letting the class hear all about my Dragon Breath potion” (Lucas).

I liked changing my character. I gave mine a funny face!” (Matthew)

” I liked taking a picture of our ‘Potions Lab’ and using it as my background. It looked so cool” (Finlay).

“I liked choosing my potion picture for my background and changing my ladies top” (Sophie).

On Wednesday we used the app ‘Puppet edu’ to share the ingredients and method of how we made our potions!







Primary 2 had fun today signing into their ‘sumdog’ accounts and answering lots of maths questions. The children’s usernames and passwords have been kept the same as ‘Bug Club’ for ease. Children can log in and complete maths games at home. This will will allow them to practise their mental maths skills.




Parents’ Evening – 30th March 2017

Our Parents’ Evening is on Thursday, 30th March. You should have received your appointment times. The pupils are invited to attend along with their parents so they can discuss their strengths and anything they need to work on. We hope you find this helpful in your discussion with their teacher.

Please let the school office know if you are unable to attend.

World of Work

Today we came to school dressed as “what we want to be when we grow up” (Ethan). We loved showing off our outfits and Brianna wanted Miss Keegan to guess what she had dressed up as. It wasn’t too difficult as her hair was gorgeous! We decided to hold Job interviews. Miss Keegan put us in pairs and we interviewed each other. We had to think of the skills we had and why we would be perfect for the job.

Brooke said she wanted to be a hairdresser and she thinks she will be good at this as she is “intelligent”.  Ellie Said she wanted to be a princess. She thinks she will be good at this as she is “very kind and hardworking.”

Matthew said he when he is older he would like to be a builder. He thinks he will be good at this as he enjoys “making things”. Lucas said   He would like to be a footballer because he can “run very fast” and he is “skilled”.

Charlie said he would like to be a police officer because he likes “helping people”.  Finlay said he would like to be a fire fighter as he is “very strong”.

Macey said she would like to be a doctor as she “likes looking after people when they are sick” she thinks she will be good at this job as she is “very kind”. Lily said she would like to be a nurse. She thinks she will be good at this as she is “caring and helpful”.

Brianna said she wants to be a hairdresser. She thinks she will be good at this because “she knows all the new styles”. Ella said she would like to be a ballerina because her mum “says she is the best dancer in Scotland!”

Aaron said he wants to be a footballer when he grows up. He thinks he will be good at this as he “does lots of training and is very fit”. Olivia said she would like to be a doctor. She thinks she will be good at this as she is “dedicated and caring’.

Miss Keegan said that when she was a little girl she always wanted to be a princess as princesses are very kind.  Ellie wanted to get her picture taken with Miss Keegan as they were both princesses for the day.

World of Work

Today we all came to school dressed as what we would like to be when we grow up,

Miss Dowson set us the challenge of finding out what our friend wanted to be, the skills they would need and why they thought they would be good at the job. We all worked very well in our pairs and we also had a quick chat about what notes were. This helped us to jot down idea so that when we were sharing everybody’s ideas we could remember what they said!

Lucy shared with us that Danielle wanted to be a dance teacher, she thinks she would need to be flexible and be able to take time and cope with the kids. She also thought that she would be good at it because she has been doing it for 4 years.

Jayden told us that Amy wanted to be a teacher and Amy said Jayden wanted to be a You Tuber.

Kaileen wanted to be a teacher and found out that Ross would like to be a rockstar!

Sophie is excited to be a professional dancer when she is older and she told us that Ewan wanted to be Ant Man!

Hollie shared with Robin that she would like to be a dancer and Robin told Hollie he was looking forward to becoming a footballer!

We all had lots of good ideas about our future and we cannot wait to keep working towards our goals!!