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Primary 7 – 26.05.20

Good morning everyone,

It’s a sad day for a lot of us today, as we should have been off to start our Lockerbie adventure. I am truly sorry that it isn’t possible for us to be going at this time, but let’s try and make this a fun week!

I have put together a Lockerbie Home Camp for us all to take part in this week, instead of our usual literacy and numeracy work! I hope you have fun and please take lots of photos and share them with me!

Lockerbie Home Camp – Tuesday 26.5.20

P6 Home Learning 21/05/20

Good morning

Thank you everyone again for all your hard work this week! Today is outdoor classroom day so we are sharing a range of outdoor activities you could do today or over the long weekend. You will find these on Dojo or Google Classroom. I would love to hear about or see pictures of what you get up to!

I hope you have a lovely weekend and if you celebrate Eid have an amazing time!


P3 Home Learning 19/5/20

Good morning Primary 3! This morning we are going to be doing reading.

Master Minds your book this week is – The Escape
Clever Cookies – your book is Tricking the Tiger
Super Stars – your book is Super Gloop
Whizz Kids – your book is My Holiday

I would like you to all read your book and answer the questions in the story by clicking on the bugs. After that, in your purple reading jotter I would like you to write a book review – with the full date Tuesday 19th May 2020. Tell us what you liked or didn’t like about the book. Master Minds and Clever Cookies, you can challenge yourselves to use some super description in your writing. Super Stars and Whizz Kids you can challenge yourselves to sound out tricky words.

For maths today we have some money jobs – circles this is your job:

Triangles this is your job:


Squares this is your job


Primary 1 – 13.05.20

Good morning Primary 1, another huge thank you to everyone who has been taking part in our jobs this week. Today as well as your maths and literacy task Miss Allan has posted a special job for you all. Have  a look through the pictures she has posted and see if you can guess the teacher from their school photo 🙂 The answers will be posted on Friday!


Today for our tricky sounds we will focus on ie and ng. Have a look back in your pack if your not sure of the action and have a go 🙂

Pick 3 words which have these sounds, can you have a go at writing them using your sounds and if you can, try to use them in sentence, again use your sounds to help you.


Maths without saying the word challenge…today you pick the job you would like to do.

  1. Can you count the tablespoons you need to follow the recipe and make some delicious biscuits. (or follow a recipe you have at home and match the numbers on the scales)

  1. Can you count out the plates, forks and cups for your families dinner? How many things altogether?

  2. Can you count how many daisies or other flowers you see in your garden or on your walk.

  3. Can you make a daisy chain using 15 flowers?

  4. Can you count how many goals you can score against someone in your family?

  5. Can you find out how many windows or doors you house has? Which one does it have more of?


P5 Tasks (13/05/20)

Good morning everyone😊

Tasks for today are…


Today I would like you to have a good look at the picture I have added below. I would like you to choose 3 out of the activities to complete using the picture.

Select 3 tasks which you would like to do from the list below:

  1. What do you think the phrase, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ means?
  2. List the names of the superheroes you can see in the image.
  3. What message is the creator of this image trying to get across?
  4. Can you create a title for the image?
  5. Add speech bubbles or thought clouds to the image
  6. Create a short, story or storyboard about the image.
  7. Vocabulary challenge – use the image to help you generate 3: nouns, adjectives and verbs.
  8. Draw a picture of your own version of an NHS superhero to show your gratitude for all their hard work.

The picture is all about our NHS superheros🦸🏻‍♂️ I hope you enjoy this task.


I am very impressed with the progress you have made with  your subtraction, keep it up!

Today I have set you another challenge on SplashLearn. You can use your green jotter for working as some of them are tricky.

I can see who had a go at the activity I set you on SplashLearn last time, and all of you mastered it⭐️

Remember I am only a message away if you need any help😊

Primary 1 – 01.05.20

Welcome to the 1st of May Primary 1 🙂 I cannot believe it has been over 6  weeks since I last saw lots of you! I know lots of you are missing seeing one another, hopefully some of you are managing to do Facetime or video calls with your friends though!

Lily asked me yesterday to share this little video her and mum found on Cbeebies yesterday, she said it made her feel a little bit better when she watched it.

Today is Friday so it is a day to catch up with any of the tasks you haven’t managed so far this week or revisit any you would like to have another go at 🙂

Remember if you are still looking for tasks you could;

Use Sumdog

Read on Bugclub

Recap your sounds and common words

Count in 1s, 2s or 10s

Write or draw a story

Draw a picture and send it to Mrs McLauchlan to share with the class

Revise your days or months of the year

Continue with your All About Me task