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P6 Home Learning 11/06/20

Good morning P6


Thank you for all of your hard work this week. Here are today’s activities.




Today, I’m looking for you to get creative and write your own story. Look at the picture below to inspire you. Some things to think about when creating your story are who does the shoes belong to? Why have they been left? Where are they?



Today we are going to do some problem solving. You have a choice of which activity you would like to try:



  • Try some of the challenges on Google Classroom or Dojo. Some are quite tricky but it would be great to see you challenge yourself with them 🙂

P6 Home Learning 10/06/20

Good morning


I hope you’re all having a nice week so far. Here are today’s activities. Remember to take your time and Friday will be for any catching up.




Today we’re going to look at the books on again. I know most of you managed to get connected last week but if you are having any trouble with this please let me know.


Find a book you are interested in, read it then complete one of your Guided Reading tasks about it. Please complete a task you haven’t done already.




If you are part of Mrs Campbell’s Maths Seeds group, do 30mins of Maths Seeds then the activity Mrs Campbell will post.


If you are working on Workbook 6, please completed activity 22. Remember, when finding a fraction of an amount it is the same as dividing by the denominator (the number at the bottom of the fraction). So for 1a, ½ of 16 is the same as 16 ÷ 2.

Health and Well Being Activities for the Week – 09.06.20

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well.

This week we will look at online safety.

As we are all spending so much more time online these days Mrs Arnold and I thought another wee exercise to remind us how to use our online time safely would be good.

This Power Point is best looked at with someone you can discuss your thoughts and answers with but can be worked through on your own if you want to.


Chatting online ca be a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family but it really important to keep yourself when you chat.  This is a check list of things you can do to make sure you are being safe when you chat online.

Safe Online Chatting Tick Sheet

If you would like more information about staying safe online these are a few helpful websites with useful information about staying safe online for children and parents to help.  (for parents)

Remember stay SMART online

Miss Cunningham and Mrs Arnold

P6 Home Learning 09/06/20

Morning everyone


Here are Tuesday’s Literacy and Numeracy tasks.




If you do Reading Eggspress, do 30mins of your lesson and the next 20 words in your yellow spelling booklet along with any you need to practise from last week.


Everyone else, we’re going to do some comprehension work. Read the passage on Dojo or Google Classroom then answer the questions. Take your time to use the passage to help with your answers and write in full sentences.




If you were working on Workbook 6 yesterday, today you’re going to continue looking at fractions. Watch video 1 and read through the lesson. This will remind you of some ways to find a fraction of an amount including the bar method which we did in class. Then do activity 1. If you are looking for extra challenge try activity 2. You can see the worksheet on Dojo or Google Classroom.


If you were working on Workbook 5 yesterday, today you’re going to continue practising multiplication. Do activity 20 in your workbook  then play a game of Hit the Button Choose a times table that you need some practise at.


We are now in Week 5 of our Online RL Olympics.

There is very special entrant who has won themselves 5 Dojos. Well done Angelika. Remmeber we need at least 10 entries.

This week our challenge is how many step ups can YOU do? Easy.

Please remember to upload your best score by 11:59pm on Sunday 14th of June for your entry to be considered.

Come on Cochrane Castle. We can do it 🙂

Art activity

Afternoon all,

I have a 10 minute clip for you to enjoy today. I would like you to be inspired by the reusing of household items to create something else which may be useful or just pretty.

Now I’m not expecting you to make any of the things you saw on the clip unless you want to and have the items in the house (also you will need permission and help from an adult especially if you need to use sharp instruments).

My challenge for you this week is to make something out of an item you would be throwing away. Use your imagination and have fun.

Mrs Campbell:-D

P6 Home Learning 08/06/20

Good morning P6!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Here are today’s literacy and numeracy tasks.



Booklet 3 look at unit 15. Use look, cover, write and check to write your words twice then choose 2 active spelling activities to practise your words.


Last week, the groups that do booklets 4 and 5 finished their P6 spelling words! Well done! Between now and the Summer holidays we’re going to do a bit of revision of your P6 words so you feel more confident with these.

Look at the words for your booklet below. Write the words twice, taking care to cover then write and check. This will help you memorise the spellings. Then choose 2 of the below activities to practise them.


Booklet 4 Booklet 5
family sacrifice
different criticise
generally muscle
marvellous prejudice
generous privilege
interesting language
paragraph sincerely
alphabet especially


Write sentences using your spelling words. Type your word list on the computer using an interesting font. Draw and colour a picture. Hide your spelling words inside your picture.
Make pairs of cards for each of your words. Play a game of snap. Write your entire list end-to-end as one long word (like a train). Use a different colour for each word. Write your words the way you normally do then write them with your other hand.




If you have workbook 6 complete activity 21. This is continuing our fractions work from last week. Remember, whatever you do to the bottom number you do the same to the top number. So if you divide the bottom number by 2 you also divide the top by 2.


If you have workbook 5 complete activity 19.  This is some more multiplication practise with higher numbers. Remember to start on the right side when multiplying and you might need to carry on some numbers.