Science activity

Hi everybody,

Now during lockdown we have had to stop going places, stay home and learn to keep busy around the house. Life has become very simple and I don’t know about you but I look forward to mealtimes and going to bed as that’s all we’ve been allowed to do!!

I have attached PowerPoint that will show you about our body clocks. Everyone from P1-P7 can look at the ppt as I have added audio in.

Body Clocks ppt

Now the activity I have is on the last slide and I just want you to think about what you do in 24hours.

For P1-3 You can chat to someone in your house about what your body clock is like, then either write a few sentences about it or film a clip of you talking about it. You don’t have to complete the clock template unless you’d like to.

P4-7 you can all complete the clock template.

I hope you enjoy learning about the clock inside of us all that makes us want to eat, sleep and get busy. I’ve certainly learned a few things whilst I have been preparing this for you.

I’ve included the pdf with the full size clock template here too.

body clock

Have a good day!

Mrs Campbell 😀