Sports Day

Sports Day – Monday 15th June

I don’t know what equipment you have at home or what the weathers going to be like so I’ve tried to keep this accessible to everyone.
You don’t have to complete everything. Choose things that you think you will enjoy – and try and push yourself!!!
Have fun and ask family members to join in. Let me know how you got on and try and post me some photos.

  1. Egg and spoon race – use whatever you have, apple/potato – how many laps can you do?
  2. Sack race – maybe use a pillow case – ask an adult!!!!!!! – how far can you go?
  3. Daily 15 – can you hop/skip/jump/run/walk for 15 minutes
  4. Instead of splat the teacher, splat the adult with a wet sponge – please ask the adult!!! – how many times can you hit them on the legs?
  5. Can you create an obstacle course? How many times can you go round it?
  6. Throw and clap. How many times can you throw a ball/pair of socks up , clp your hands and catch it?
  7. Blindfold balance. Wrap a blindfold/scarf around your eyes – no cheating!!! – and see how long you can balance on one leg without holding onto anything.
  8. Book balance. Put a book – more than 1 if you want a challenge!!! – on your head and see how long you can walk about for before the book drops.
  9. Stand up/Sit down. Sit on a chair, how many times can you stand up and sit down without stopping?
  10. How many times can you bounce a ball on a tennis racquet? You can use a frying pan and a pair of socks too.
  11. How long can you go on your bike/scooter/roller skates/trampoline for?
  12. Three legged race
  13. How many step ups in 30 seconds – using front, back or inside steps
  14. Wheelbarrow – get your parent, carer or sibling to help you out, see how fast you can complete a lap
  15. β€œEgg Toss” – yourself and one other stand apart, using an apple, socks, egg, anything, see how many throws you can get without dropping the ball. Teamwork.
  16. Hurdles – using some equipment from your garden, or towels from your house, set them up with small spaces in between, see how far you can get the hurdles apart
  17. Speed Bounce – Have an item on the ground that you can jump over. Standing with your feet together you need to jump over the item side to side without touching the item in the middle – see how many times you can jump over
  18. Shot put – Using a sock
  19. On line activities – you tube
    a. The Body Coach
    b. Kids Workout
    c. Fun Workout
    d. Les Mills
    e. TKD for kids
    f. NHS Fitness
    g. Very Well Family
    h. Fun Family Activities
    i. Renfrewshire Leisure

This will be a sports day like no other. Your class teacher won’t be posting today. Make the most of it πŸ™‚