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On Tuesday 15th March Primary 5 will begin a 12 week block of swimming. The children are all really looking forward to this. There are a few things that the children must remember as we leave at 9.00am and there will be no time to bring forgotten items up to school.

Please remember

Swimming for Primary 5

*your swimming costume/shorts

* a towel

*a 50p coin for the locker

* goggles (if required)

It is going to be lots of fun so don’t forget to bring all of the items you need to take part!!! 😀

Miss Docherty

Scottish Opera

We are very excited today, as the Scottish Opera are coming in to our school today. We have been learning songs over the past few months and today is the big day when we get to perform with the Scottish Opera.
We will have an audience because the rest of the school and our families have been invited to come and watch us performing.

We will get the chance to work with the Scottish Opera today to learn any new parts, like the ‘jar of slugs’. This is a dance, but it will be the primary 7 class who are performing this.

The Scottish Opera will bring along costumes for us to wear in our performance.

We are very excited and will report back on the blog about how our day unfolds.

Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloggers

Personal Projects

Primary 5 are carrying out personal projects at the moment. The theme of their personal research project is ‘The Rainforest’. The children have to decide which area of the rainforest they will concentrate on for their personal project.

Some of the children have already made a start on putting their personal projects together and many have decided to make models to accompany their projects.

The projects are due to be handed in on 17th March and should be accompanied by a personal talk whereby they will present their personal project to the rest of the class.

I am really looking forward to reading all of the projects and I am impressed with the efforts the children have already been putting in to them so far.

A message for Primary 5

If you have any good websites to recommend to the other children in the class in addition to those posted on the personal project wiki, either create a post here, add a comment to this post or post them on our personal project wiki.

Miss Docherty

Scottish Opera

Hi Primary 5
We are very lucky to be taking part in a performance with the Scottish Opera on Thursday 10th March. Please remember to bring your PE kit ( shorts, T.Shirt and gym shoes). You will need these as you will have a costume provided by the Scottish Opera to wear over these. If you do not have gym shoes in class already, then please remember to bring a pair in before Thursday 10th March.

I am really excited about it. I think you will be amazing.

Miss Docherty