Miss Docherty is going to Kilbowie

Hi my Brilliant Bloggers

I am just about to go and get my bag packed for Kilbowie. Hopefully I won’t forget anything important!!! I am looking forward to taking part in all of the different activities with the P7’s and Miss Tierney. I think we are going to have lots of fun. The thing I would like to try the most during my week at Kilbowie is the ski slopes. I have never tried this before and I think it will be quite challenging but I can’t wait to have a go.

I am hoping that we get some mild weather as I am not planning on packing wellies!!!!

I hope that you have a fun week with Mrs O’Hanlon.

Don’t forget –

*to keep our blog up and running

*to continue the walk around Scotland challenge

*to continue the fruity fortninght rewards (collect all of the cards on Friday and we will carry out the draw on Monday when I return)

*enjoy the design a meal – remember to use the flip camera to document this

but most of all remember to behave really well and


Miss Docherty

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