First Day in Kilbowie

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Hi Primary 5

I hope you have had a brilliant day today. I have had a very exciting and exhausting day!!

On the journey to Kilbowie we stopped off at ‘The Green Welly’ to stretch our legs. What a super name and logo!

The Green Welly Logo

During the journey we passed by some breathtaking scenery. I noticed that on lots of the signs it said

failte’ gu – Does anyone know what this means?

We took part in a fantstic activity called ‘night line’. We were blindfolded and had to put our trust in each other in order to navigate around a course. It was really tricky (Miss Tierney and I took ages – but we were very proud that we finished!).

Miss Tierney getting a hosing down
Miss Docherty getting a hosing down

We were so dirty after our night line adventure that we had to be hosed down! After our hosing down I realised that my wellies were firmly stuck on my feet. Luckily Courtney helped me to prise them off!!

Stuck to my boots!!!!

Tomorrow I will be going gorge walking and ski-ing. I will post an update to let you know how things are going and post some more pictures of our Kilbowie adventures.

Miss Docherty 😀

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