5 thoughts on “Homework 29/03/11”

  1. Hi Abby
    I think that drawing the animals, plants and tribes of the rainforest has been a lot of fun. It has been wonderful to see everyone engage with the topic and produce some fantastic art work. You really engaged with this and prouced some excellent drawings both in class and also at home. Well done!!!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rainforest with Primary 5.

    Miss Docherty 😀

  2. Hi Miss Docherty

    I would recomend this topic to a friend because I think my friends would like drawing all the pictures of the animals. Also I think they would like learning about the Rainforest.

    bye for now


  3. Hi Chloe
    I am glad that you liked learning about the rainforest. The personal project is supposed to be an enjoyable task to enable you to learn more about a part of the rianforest that you are really interested in. It is intended to strech you, but at the same time I hoped that eveyone would feel that the effort they put in was worthwhile when they saw the end result. I am sorry to hear that you found it a bit much, but I am very pleased that you have been honest and had the courage to put forward your opinion. Well done!
    You carried out a super personal project and should be very proud of what you achieved.

    Miss Docherty

  4. Hi Miss Docherty
    I like doing the rainforest but I wouldn’t recomend it to another class because the personal project was a bit much ,it was hard to research the animals and find the information i needed, even on the internet.

  5. Hi Rachel

    I agree, the rainforest is a very interesting topic. It is amazing all of the things that we use in our everyday life that actually come from the rainforest.

    I also agree that learning about the rainforest and the fact that our rainforests are being destroyed is very important too.

    Well done Rachel. 😀

    Miss Docherty

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