5 thoughts on “Build your wild self.”

  1. Hi Brilliant Bloggers
    Looks like you had terrific fun making avatars. We had fun on the Build Your Wild Self site too.
    Team 2A

  2. Hey Brilliant Bloggers!

    Zach told me I just had to come and see your wild animals…they look wonderfu1! I like the one with the big elephant ears and the lizard arms.

    I also want to take the opportunity to let you know that I’m looking forward to learning about your community with Room 15!

    What will be the similarities and differences between our Scottish, Canadian and New Zealand communities???

    Miss B’s Block

  3. Hey Brilliant Bloggers (Bobbi and Kim),

    Those are some pretty cool animals you all put together to make your own unique species! I especially like the turtle back with the wild boar.

    We still have quite a bit of snow here…but we feel Spring coming soon…at least I hope. I am looking forward to not wearing my snowsuit and playing more outdoor sports.

    Keep in touch!

    Miss B’s Block

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