Student of the Day

We have a student of the day in our class. The student of the day is chosen by the teacher. To be the student of the day, you have to be the best you can be. The student of the day gets to take home a trophy at the end of the school day. They have to bring the trophy into school the next day and they get to keep it on their table for the rest of that day.

9 thoughts on “Student of the Day”

  1. Hi John
    thanks for taking time to comment on our blog. We would like to visit your blog too. If you leave a link we will visit and find out what your class are doing.

    Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloggers

  2. I have to say, little Happy Feet is an absolute credit to your family. His behaviour was outstanding today and he even requested some homework to do!!! It is an absolute pleasure to have Happy Feet in our class. We all enjoyed his company. I am glad Rachael didn’t try to take the credit (ha ha).
    Well done Happy Feet.

  3. Hi Mrs Morgan

    I am glad that being the student of the day has made Clark happy.Thankyou for your encouragement to the P5 children. You are right, they all can do it.


    Miss Docherty

  4. Hi primary 5 I am Clark’s mum and he has been delighted to be the Student of the day. Keep up the hard work P5 you all can do it

  5. Well done to today’s student of the day. He has been trying hard. We are very proud that he is making a big effort. Keep this up!

  6. I have to say you are right John, deciding on the student of the day is a very difficult decision.

  7. Hi Primary 5. That could be a very hard choice. I was showing your new blog to lots of teachers today and they were impressed.

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