Each and Every Child

Each and Every Child is an initiative that is focussed on using robustly tested framing techniques to create a new narrative around care, one that shifts public attitudes and increases understanding about care experience and the care system.

Based on FrameWorks UK research into how the Scottish public thinks about care experience, and how care experience is discussed by media, individuals and organisations across Scotland, eight framing recommendations were produced to change how we speak about care experience.

The recommendations have been tested to tackle stigma and discrimination, whilst building support for improvements to the care system to help Keep The Promise.


Additional Session: Supporting People to Tell Stories About Care Experience

This is a highly focused and practical session for anyone involved telling stories about care experience – in particular, as a spokesperson or when supporting others.

It will explore:

  • The importance of staying on-message, including the perils of myth-busting and crisis language
  • Sharing stories from first-hand experience, bringing in context and holding systems to account
  • Using framing in interviews; staying in control and telling the story you want to tell AND the spot, position and move technique

Tuesday 18 April – 1400 to 1600


Introduction to Framing and Framing Care Experience

Our introductory session will introduce Each and Every Child and the evidence-based framing recommendations. Content will include:

  • What is framing, and what does it mean for how we tell our stories?
  • How can we change public thinking about care experience?
  • What are issue frames, values, metaphor and context and how can these be used to tell a new story?
  • What are mental shortcuts? What triggers them – and what are the consequences for communicators?

Tuesday 23 May – 1400 to 1600


Additional Session: Framing Care Experience Creatively and Consistently

Please note: you will need to have completed the Introduction to Framing and Framing Care Experience session before you can attend an additional session.

The session will look at how you can bring frames to life creatively by considering bespoke exercises, examples and practice that you can use. This will also be an opportunity to share practice and ideas of how you could use and flex the framing recommendations within your work.

Tuesday 09 May – 1400 to 1600


Monthly Framing Cafe

Join our monthly Framing Café – providing an informal opportunity to discuss framing and carry on the learning from our Introduction to Framing session.

The Framing Café aims to:

  • Provide a confidential space to celebrate framing wins and talk through challenges – and meet others who are working to frame care experience
  • Share experiences and examples of embedding the framing recommendations
  • Hear from organisations who have been working on using the framing recommendations specific pieces of work
  • Continue to develop your skills and confidence using the framing recommendations and techniques
  • Start to build a Community of Framers across the country

Thursday 04 May – 1230 to 1330 

Thursday 01 June – 1230 to 1330 

Thursday 06 July – 1230 to 1330 


2 podcasts have also been produce by Each and Every Child and can be listened to via the links below.

Episode 1: In this first episode we are joined by two members of our voices of Experience reference group: Roseanna Campbell, Participation Officer Care Experienced Young People at Edinburgh City Council, and James Docherty, whose work includes supporting the Violence Reduction Unit. They are joined by host Claire O’Hara, Programme Director at Each and Every Child, to discuss why we frame our stories what the impact can be if people are not supported properly when speaking about their experience of care. Listen here.

Episode 2: For our second episode we are joined by Voices of Experience members Jimmy Paul, Director of WEAll Scotland and Oisin King, MSYP for Who Cares? Scotland and politics student at the University of Glasgow. In this episode, Jimmy and Oisin join Claire O’Hara, Each and Every Child Programme Director, to discuss what it is like to use the framing recommendations when speaking about care as someone with lived experience. The guests reflect on how powerful the framing recommendations can be when speaking about their experience of care, or speaking about changes that are needed in how we provide care for Scotland’s children and young people. Listen here.

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