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Boots Off

This second iteration of the bootcamp ran during Autumn 2015. We have now turned off the syndication and no more posts will be pulled into this blog.

The Announcments page may be useful in exploring classroom blogging. The original: Blogging Bootcamp has been reorganised to serve as a resource and guide for use by anyone wanting to run a blogging course of their own or to learn a bit more about blogging in the classroom.

Blogging Bootcamp 2 Review

If you signed up for the bootcamp, please fill in this survey. It will help us if we organise similar activities.
Even if you decided the bootcamp was not for you or you could not take part please fill in the form.

If you took part

What did you find useful

Blogging Bootcamp Week 5

As usual we will have Glow Meets at 2:00pm and 4:15pm on Tuesdays.

2:00pm meet
4:15 meet

Week 5 Slides pptx


This week we will be focusing on posting audio and video. It is also a chance to ask any technical questions. Please bring these up in the Glow Meet or better still drop me a mail so that I can be prepared.

We will also be looking a ways you can join in with communities of bloggers: Making connections Quad blogging, #shareourlearning, the local and global community.

Handbook of Digital Storytelling from Digital Commmonwealth team is a resource which helps people develop digital storytelling skills. Highly recommended.


Review of your blogging so far. What has worked? How are you going to take this forward? Review classroom organisation.

I would also like to collect some feedback on the bootcamp, I will probably send out yet another email next week with either some questions or a link to a survey.


  • join #shareourlearning
  • Make a post using audio or video
  • Review of bootcamp
  • Continue to comment and connect.

Blogging Bootcamp Week 4

As usual there will be 2 Glow Meets of Tuesday 2:00pm and 4:15pm

The powerpoint files and recording will be added to this post after the event.

2pm Meet – watch again | 4:15 Meet – watch again

Slide Week 4

This weeks Tasks:

  • Technical: We are focusing on media. Using Photo Galleries, Audio and Video
  • Discussions: Why would you use different media in blog posts, what are the advantages and disadvantages of text, images, audio and video?
  • Challenges: Photoblitz Create a photo Gallery in response to at least 5 of 10 ideas listed below.


We will look at Galleries in a bit more detail, captioning images and using featured images on posts. We will also look at how featured content works in the twentyfourteen theme.

Adding an image gallery –  Glow Blog Help
Adding an Image Gallery MS docx
Adding an Image Gallery PDF

From the Glow Blog help, Adding Media: Download: Audio and Video MS docx | Audio and Video PDF


Why and when would you use text, images, audio and video? What are the good and bad points of each, both from a creator and consumers point of view?


1. Photoblitz: Create a photo Gallery in response to at least 5 of the following ideas.

  • Take a photo in which a mirror is a major element
  • Confusion – Take a picture of confusion.
  • Make a beautiful photo of something rusted or crushed.
  • Let’s play with movement. Get a shot of something in motion.
  • Make a photo containing stone, water and clouds.
  • Take a photo that makes use of converging lines.
  • Create an interesting photo that includes looking through one
  • object to see another
  • Make a silhouette by aiming the camera into bright light.
  • Make an ordinary object look more interesting, almost
  • supernatural.
  • The theme is blue. Blue Monday? Blue bird? Or something else blue?
  • The edge of a knife, the waters edge, or some other edge.

Try using the captions to explain your photos.

  1. Start thinking about using some audio or video in your blogs.

  2. Make 5 comments on other bootcamp posts.


Blogging Bootcamp Week 3

Week 3 already! I am guessing most folk feel like time is speeding on.
There have been some great posts to the bootcamp this week.

This weeks tasks:

  1. Technical: Widgets, Themes and Plugins
  2. Discussion: Classroom Organisation, Favourite Websites
  3. Challenges: 1. Post favourite websites 2. Post on what we are learning in class. 3. Comment on 3 other posts.



Widgets are used to add features and functionality to the sidebar (usually) of your blog. Widget placement is dependent on themes.

Widgets on Glow Blog Help blog
Download: Widgets docx or Widgets PDF


Plugins add functionality to your blog.
More information on Plugins wp4 on the Glow Blog Help where you can download Plugins MS docx or Plugins PDF

We will look at changing theme. You may not actually want to change themes on your blog, it can have major effects but the Glow meet and Video here will show you how.


Themes wp4 | Glow Blog Help
Themes PDF
Themes MS docx


How do you organise posting to your blog in the classroom. There are many different ways to do this, what fits your situation best. If you are not in the classroom think about how you can keep up a blog. When should this fit in your day or week?

What is you favourite website? Why? What is good about it? This will help with the Challenge.


Three this week:

  1. Make one or more posts about something you are learning in class currently. Try to include text and pictures.
  2. Write about and link to your favourite website.
  3. Comment on at least 3 other posts in the bootcamp.

How to take a screenshot is a great site to find out how to take a screenshot.

Remember to categorize your posts bootcamp!


Update: I am afraid I did not manage to record the Glow meets for this week. Apologies.  Here are the 2 presentations used:

week-3-2pm meet
week-3-4:15pm meet

Blogging Bootcamp Week 2

Last week was a quick one. Don’t worry too much if you didn’t keep up and get anything posted. I am a drill sergeant wearing sandals rather than combat boots:-)

As always get in touch if you have any questions and need a hand.

Glow Meets

There will be 2 Glow Meets, 2pm and 4:15 on Tuesday
2pm Glow Meet: Images, why use them, legal and safe, Using nicknames to keep safe, avatars & commenting.
4:14 Glow Meet: Comment settings, Plugins (14 Colors), Images.

The Topics for Week Two are: Images and Plugins
We will also revisit commenting and comment settings.

Images Glow Help Blog links:

Adding an image wp4 | Glow Blog Help
Adding an image to a post MS docx
Adding an image to a post PDF



Plugins add functionality to your blog.
More information on Plugins on the Glow Blog Help where you can download Plugins MS docx or Plugins PDF



Discussion Topics:

Why use images, where to get them and which sort of images should you use, legal and safety considerations.


A picture of learning.
Take a picture that shows what learning looks like in your class. Categorise as bootcamp
Class poem, what are we like, bio-poem. Categorise as bootcamp.

You could do this as a whole class or individually.

Here is a help sheet from readwritthink:

Bio Poem Help Sheet

Here is an example from 2007 on the class blog I was running:


  1. If you have not started this is all you need to do to join in the bootcamp.
  2. Create a Blog
    Make the Blog Public
  3. Create a post, categorise it as bootcamp, send a link to that post to John


We have had a request for the slides used in the Meet.

Blogging Bootcamp Week 1

Glow Meet

There will be 2 Glow Meets on Tuesday 1st September:

2pm and 4:15pm

I will open the ‘Room’ on Monday at 10am for a short while if you need to test Glow Meet.

The Main tasks for Week 1:

  1. Create a Blog, make it Public
  2. Discuss why you would blog
  3. Make a First Post
    • Categorise that post bootcamp
    • email John a link to the post:

Before We start.

Writing in public needs a bit of thought.

  • Only a Glow user who has a teacher or non-teaching staff Glow account can make a blog public.
  • Users should consider the consequences of publishing to a public blog.
  • Publishing publicly can give pupils a real audience for their work, make tasks more authentic but they need to be aware of internet safety and data protection issues.

Creating a Blog

The following steps take you through blogging with the Glow Blog’s WordPress solution. They are also outlined in this week’s documentation:

Creating a blog .
Privacy Settings you need to make your blog public to participate in the Bootcamp.
Adding Users, Setting Roles
Creating a Post




What is a blog, Why are you blogging?

It is worth thinking a wee bit about what you already know about blogs, and what you think you will get out of blogging. We will have a discussion about this and you are encouraged to blog about this as part of week 1.

If you write a blog post you can look back later and see if your ideas change.

Other areas for discussion:

  1. What do you post online already?
  2. Why use a Blog for learning?
  3. What do you want it to look like? How do you want to appear to others, what information do you want to share…which leads to:
  4. Keeping Safe

Keeping Safe

Here are some rules to think about and discuss, do you think they are good ones? Why?

  1. Do only use first names
  2. Don’t post photographs of people (unless you have the teacher’s permission)
  3. Don’t post personal information – such as your home phone number or home address
  4. Don’t share your Password with anyone
  5. Do tell your parents or teacher if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable
  6. Do obey the ‘Grandmother rule’ – anything you put on the internet could be read by your grandmother so only write things you could say to the nicest of grannies
  7. Don’t post anything that could hurt anyone
  8. Don’t make arrangements to meet anyone over the internet!!
  9. Do enjoy using your Blog: the most important rule


Try and make two blog posts this week. Categorise them both ‘bootcamp’. Send John the URL (web address) to the first one.

We would suggest that if you are working in a class that you make these first posts as shared writing. This will allow you to start to to set expectations about content, style ect. We also suggest that you should regularly refer to/talk about e-safety when you publish anything to the internet.

  1. Introduce yourselves, who you are, where you are from, some interesting things about yourselves. categorise as bootcamp.
  2. post what you are going to be blogging about? categorise as bootcamp.

* Did we mention that you should categorise your blog post as bootcamp and send the link to the post to John ?*

Visit the bootcamp blog, visit other participants posts. Leave comments on each others blogs.


You may want to make your blog look nice, here is how to add a header image:

Here is the Glow Help blog post: Custom Header Image | Glow Blog Help
Downloads: Adding a Header MS docx |  Adding a Header PDF

Presentations from the Glow Meet;

Blogging Bootcamp 2 – Get Set!

Hopefully we are all ready to start the bootcamp next week.

Still plenty of time to Signup for Blogging Bootcamp #2

The only thing you need to do in preparation is make sure your Glow logon works.

There will be a blog post on Monday 31 August outlining week 1 activities. I’ll also email them to you.

The schedule page gives a rough outline of the 5 weeks activities.

We will have 2 glow meets to kick off the bootcamp on Tuesday 1st September.
One at 2pm, one at 4:15 pm
these should last for 30-45 minutes.
The content will largely be the same but the first one will be slanted towards pupils the later to teachers.
the meet will be at:

This will only be open at the specific times.

If you want to test Glow Meet in your establishment drop me an email with a few possible times and we can try it out.

We will try and provide enough help and support materials for you to take part in the bootcamp without joining the meets. We will try to supply all the information in multiple formats, different folk seem to learn in different ways.

Safety Considerations

You will be posting material to the internet, it will be viewable by anyone with an internet connection. make sure you are aware of school policy around this.
We will be discussing Internet safety as part of the bootcamp, but teachers should be aware of the issues and their responsibilities.

I’ll be joined in running the bootcamp by Chrissie Lamont, you can get in touch with either of us with any questions and we will try our best to answer them.

Featured image on this post: Image from page 48 of “Athletics and football” (1894) | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Welcome to Blogging Bootcamp

The bootcamp will take you through creating a blog, adding features and a range of blogging activities. Classes will have the opportunity to link up with other glow blogs and the world wide blogging community.

It will run from Week beginning 31 August for 5 weeks.

Each week there will be ‘technical’ tips, blogging challenges and discussion points that can be carried out in your classroom and on your blog.

What you need: A Class, somewhere to blog (glow for example). No technical knowledge needed.

While most of the technical support will be aimed at glow users the bootcamp is open to any classroom.

Some of the information will be ‘old hat’ if you are already blogging, the challenges will hopefully still give you something to blog about and provide an opportunity to network with other classes.

Sign up for more information

Image: Welcome message. | Flickr – Photo Sharing! – Public domain