e-Portfolios Update September 2015

Before the Summer we posted some news about how the e-portfolio implementation in Glow Blogs would be improved:
e-Portfolios June 2015 | Glow Blog Help

At that point we were confident that we would be launching these in Autumn. Now that work has started on developing the solution we realise that late Autumn is more likely. Some unexpected events in the Glow Blog development and other aspects of Glow delayed our plans a little. We now expect the e-Portfolio plugin to be released in November 2015.

The New e-Portfolios/Profiles

Going forward e-Portfolios will not be theme dependent.
Posts in blogs will continue to be the building block for both the portfolio and profile, however a plug in will be used to provide the required functionality rather than through a theme as was done previously. There will also be a centrally provided set of e-Portfolio-tags which will ensure ease of tagging and organisation of the posts.

The profiles will be created and view-able, editable and printable from the dashboard at any time.

This improvement will try to ensure the process of creating and populating the e-portfolio is as straightforward as possible.

The older themed based e-Portfolios will continue to function. The e-portfolio themes however will not be available to choose in the blog theme picker. After a period of time the older themes will be withdrawn completely. Old e-Portfolios will be able to switch to the new system but turning on the plugin.

What to do in the meantime

If you have set up existing e-Portfolios you can continue to use them.
If you are planning to introduce e-Portfolios you could start by setting up blogs and have the pupils post to them. The e-Portfolio-tags can be added later after the plugin is released.
We would advise you not to use any of the current e-portfolios themes if you are setting up new e-Portfolios. Any other theme should be suitable and the standard TwentyFourteen will work well with the new plugin.
Any customisation of the blogs, header images, colours, pages ect. will not affect the new e-Portfolio system. Hopefully this will allow public some personalisation and choice about the presentation of their e-Portfolio while providing a standard looking profile.

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