About the Bootcamp

This ‘course’ ran for 10 weeks in Spring 2015
The bootcamp took participants through creating a blog, adding features and a range of blogging activities. Classes will had the opportunity to link up with other glow blogs and the world wide blogging community.

Each week there were ‘technical’ tips, blogging challenges and discussion points that could be carried out in classrooms and blogs.

We are archiving and organising the resources so that they can be used or anyone can run their own bootcamp. Running your own bootcamp

Week Task Talk Post
Week 1 Setting up a blog Blog any problems, points of interest. Why Blog? Blog post on why you are blogging Introduce yourself to rest of course. Categorize as bootcamp
Week 2 Header image, catagories & tags. What do we want to look like to our audience, safety, our appearance. Class poem, what are we like, cinquain
Week 3 Widgets, About in text widget. Posting images Why use images. Using images safely & legally A picture of learning.
Week 4 Plugins, 14 colours, & lightbox Classroom Organization, routine. How will you keep your blog up-to-date. Linking, share an interesting site that you use in your learning.
Week 5 Themes, Using nicknames to keep safe. Commenting. Keeping safe and sensible. Posting our class, school , community, 3 posts comment on at least 3 other blogs
Week 6 More on Images What makes a good picture. Daily photo challenges. (abstract ideas that the blogs respond to)
Week 7 Making a Blogroll Community
Week 8 Media, audio, video, embeds, galleries etc…. Why would you use, text, images, audio, video Make posts using different media
Week 9 Making connections Quad blogging, 100 word challenge the global community Take part in 100wc
Week 10 Review of bootcamp. Haiku and lunes, using creative commons media to make artefacts.

Other posts:

Finding Images
Adding A Clustermap Widget 
Take a Screenshot


As well as recording of the Glow meets we produces several how-videos during the bootcamp. These can be viewed on the pages linked below where you can also get an embed code for use on other Glow Blogs.

Setting Up A Blog
Making A First Post
Adding A Header
Adding A Clustermap Widget
Making Links
Galleries and Featured Images
Blogrolls or Link Lists

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