Bootcamp Week 6

Technical More on Images

We will look at Galleries in a bit more detail, captioning images and using featured images on posts. We will also look at how featured content works in the twentyfourteen theme.

Adding an image gallery wp4 | Glow Blog Help
Adding an Image Gallery MS docx
Adding an Image Gallery PDF

Adding a Gallery And Featured Images:


Talk about safety aspects of photos.
What makes a good photo. How to improve your photos, here are a few tips:

  • Hold the camera still, elbows in, make a triangle.
  • Think before you shoot
  • Take more than one photo
  • Change Angles
  • Zoom with your feet
  • Place the subject off-centre
  • Keep the sun behind you (unless you want a silhouette)
  • Learn about the rule of thirds

Taking pictures a pdf of some ideas for improving your photos.

Teachers, it is a really good idea, in my opinion, to make sure that pupils can take photos, transfer them onto computers and organise them.  A wee bit of practise will save staff a lot of trouble.

Blogging Challenge

Post a photo every day, or take them and post a gallery on Friday. Do not just post the photo, explain why you like it, how you took it…
Here are ten ideas

  • Take a photo of two things that do not belong together.
  • Let’s play with movement. Get a shot of something in motion.
  • Make a photograph that features a circle today.
  • Yellow is an attention-getting colour. A photo is dominated by yellow.
  • Take a photo in which a mirror is a major element
  • Make a photo that freezes or isolates the motion of an object
  • Get closer and fill the frame.
  • Yellow is an attention-getting colour. A photo is dominated by yellow.
  • Emphasise the sky by placing the horizon very low or very high.
  • Forced perspective – make something small look big, or big look small.

2 thoughts on “Bootcamp Week 6”

  1. Bumping this question to the most recent comments.

    Is it possible to transfer/link posts and content from one blog to another? We have an edublog and it looks like it is on a wordpress format. I don’t want to maintain two blogs so if I could import to the glow blog that would be perfect.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Yes you can. Moving one WordPress blog to another is usually not too hard.
    In the blog you are leaving:
    In the dashboard go to Tools.
    Then export.
    This will download a xml file. Do not delete the old content yet.
    In the blog you want to move to:
    If it is a glow blog:
    Go to plugins- activate the WordPress Importer
    Go to Tools->Import
    Click WordPress
    Then upload the xml file.
    You will get the chance to map the authors to authors on the importing blog
    After import the blog will try and copy images and other assets over from the original blog.

    I’ll try and expand this help and post to the Glow Blog Help Blog soon.

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