Bootcamp Week 4



Plugins add functionality to your blog. We have only a few plugins available at the moment on Glow Blogs.
More information on Plugins wp4 on the Glow Blog Help where you can download Plugins MS docx or Plugins PDF


After using the blog for a few weeks it might be a good idea to think a bit abut how you want the blog to be updated. How this can fit into your classroom routine.

  • Whole Class, as shared writing, on a smartboard or screen
  • All the Class Individually, generates a lot of posts often similar…
  • Pairs, individuals, good idea to have a partner that checks sense, grammar and spelling (and typos;-)).
  • Have a rota

We need to remind ourselves that when blogging we are taking on some responsibility for how our class and school appears to the world.

Blogging Challenge

This week we want to use our blog to share a resource by posting about another useful internet site. We can use this post to practise posting screenshots and making links in our post.

Remember to categorize your postsĀ bootcamp!


5 thoughts on “Bootcamp Week 4”

  1. Thanks for the plug-in video. You mention a gallery – I assume this is a way to organise the images on the page. I can’t figure out how to do this in an attractive way. Have I missed this during the bootcamp, or will you cover this at a later date?

  2. I am not getting colour options as described in your film. I am fairly certain I have the right theme and the plug in is activated. However, the lightbox seems to have worked. And I have shared a link and a screen shot (with some jiggery pokery). Great lesson again, thanks.

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