Bootcamp Week 7

As usual the GlowMeet will take place at 2pm this afternoon:
The weeks program:

Technical Blogrolls AKA Link lists

We will look at how to add a link list to the side of our blogs.
Link lists can be used to provide links or sets of links for all sorts of purposes.

For class blogs they are particularly useful for linking to other classes that you may become involved with or giving your pupils quick access to resources for learning.


It is probably a good idea to start thinking about Community now.

Community is very important in blogging but less formal than in other online learning spaces.
Think about who your blogging friends are. Who you should have on your link role. With class blogging it can be very powerful to make informal links, usually via comments with other like minded bloggers. This can be local or at the other side of the world.


You can also find a list of the home page for each LA which in turn will list the 40 most recently updated blog here: Glow Blog Links


Here are couple of lists of blogs that are elsewhere in the world.

Some of the links will be dead by now, but some will still be active. The second list has some details about the classes involved

Blogging Challenge

Find some inspiration.
Visit some other class blogs, see if you can find something interesting that you could blog about or give a response to.

Blog about this, linking to the post that inspired.

Remember to categorise you posts bootcamp.

We will have a two week break from the bootcamp for the Easter holidays. After today the next week will begin: 20th April 2015

4 thoughts on “Bootcamp Week 7”

  1. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for these. I’ll recommend that folk add their blogs as the next part of our bootcamp after Easter. The reader stuff looks great. Hope we can get to something like that in the development of Glow Blogs.

  2. Hi John

    FYI I noticed your Blogging bootcamp blog is one of the accounts affected by the ClustrMaps issue and you will need to set up a new ClustrMaps account.

    Here is what I’ve shared with our affected users.

    The ClustrMaps widget is provided by a third party service and they are having server issues that are affecting some users.

    Unfortunately ClustrMaps hasn’t been able to fix the issue and will be publishing a follow up post on how to retrieve the data from your old ClustrMaps soon.

    You won’t be able to restore using the ClustrMaps widget and you will need to registered your URL again as follows:
    Go to and follow the steps to Make my map
    Log into ClustrMaps, grab the embed code and paste it into a text widget in your sidebar.
    You’ll find more details here –


  3. Hi Sue,
    Thanks, yep, I am just lazy. Waiting till things with Clustermaps settle down. The problem arose just after I had explained how to add a map to our bootcampers:(
    We will be having a couple of weeks off ffrom our blogging pushups for Easter now.

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