Blogging Bootcamp: 10 days to go


Still time to signup

You should have by now received a welcome email, it has also been posted to the blog.

We have 90 signups to the bootcamp! A couple of those are for non-participating interested folk, but we might get over 100 before the 16th.

I’ve also posted a very rough outline of the course.

That will probably change both over the next couple of days and throughout the course.

Before you start:
If you are using Glow:

  1. Check you can log on
  2. Check any pupils who will be posting to the blog can log on.
  3. Gather a list of the username of all the pupils who will be posting to the blog.

You Glow admin (ASM) should be able to download a class lists with users names in csv format. you should be able to copy the username column out from excel. Alternatively, create the list manually (perhaps getting pupils to add them to a list on a computer). Send me an email if you are having trouble with this.

If you are using another system make sure you and your pupils can log in.

The Bootcamp will launch with a GlowMeet on Monday 16th of February. Screencasts and supporting material will be posted to the blog. If you cannot make the 16th and would like me to repeat the Meet on Tuesday 17th, please let me know. If there are a few folk/classes that would suit we are happy to do that.

If Glow meet does not work for you do not worry, the supporting material will go over the same ground.
You can ask questions any time via e-mail or by leaving a comment on the blog.