comment_addComments allow other people to comment on your posts.
You can:

  1. Turn comments off
  2. Let anyone comments
  3. Moderate comments

We recommend that you do not let anyone comment without moderation.

You can control which comments go for moderation. When you set up your blog it is set so that Comment author must have a previously approved comment. I usually add Comment must be manually approved so that I can approve all comments. Comment settings are in Settings-> Discussion in the dashboard.

Pupils cannot see or approve unmoderated comments.

Comments Help PDF Version
Comments Help MS docx Version

Making Comments

Making comments on other blogs is a good way of making connections with other people and classes.

When you are making a comment on a glow blog and you are logged into that Glow Blogs LA your name will already be filled in in the comment box.

You might like to logout so that you can fill in the URL back to your blog. This allows the owner of the blog you are commenting on to find your blog.