Welcome to Blogging Bootcamp

Get started with a class blog or boost an existing one. Join in online from the 16th February, 10 weeks, or so of blogging fun and learning.

Sign up:
You can sign up in several ways, choose what is easiest for you, it doesn’t matter how you sign up.  Since the Bootcamp is now underway please email if you would like to join in.

Late to the party you can still join in

We need the following information:

  • Name of Teacher Involved
  • Contact E-mail address
    Your School and Where it is:
  • Your Class Age and Stage of the class that will take part. The bootcamp is aimed at class blogs, but open to others, let us know what kind of edu blog you have it is not a class blog.
  • Do you have an existing blog? We will give instructions and help about creating a blog in Week 1 of the bootcamp. NB this will be aimed at Glow users, but you are welcome to join in using another blogging service.
  • URL of existing Blog

The bootcamp will take you through creating a blog, adding features and a range of blogging activities. Classes will have the opportunity to link up with other glow blogs and the world wide blogging community.

Each week there will be ‘technical’ tips, blogging challenges and discussion points that can be carried out in your classroom and on your blog.

What you need: A Class, somewhere to blog (glow for example). No technical knowledge needed.

While most of the technical support will be aimed at glow users the bootcamp is open to any classroom.

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  1. A blog, with its easy publication of day-to-day news (posts) of classroom news and updates, is a great way for your class to share the story of their learning with learners elsewhere, parents and the school community. You can use fixed pages, too, to share the less newsy information, just like on any traditional web site.

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