Bootcamp Week 2

bullet_infoThis week we want to think about how we are ‘looking’. Both in theme of the blog’s appearance and in the impression we make to visitors.


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After week one you might like to find out a bit more about categories and tags.


Have a discussion (with your class if you are working with a class) about the impression we make to visitors to our site. What do we want to look like? Is our content appropriate? Will it give a good impression of our class and school. Do we publish information that will put us at risk?

You could blog your about your discussion and remember categorise it bootcamp.


This weeks blog challenge is to blog a bio poem as an introduction to yourself or your class. (feel free to do this in another way if you can think of something more fun).

You could do this as a whole class or individually.

Here is a help sheet from readwritthink:

Bio Poem Help Sheet

Here is an example from 2007 on the class blog I was running: