Bootcamp Week 10

The Glow Meet will be on Tuesday 5th May at 2pm instead of Monday.

Technical: Questions from the floor. Please email me any questions before the meet if you can.

Discuss: How are you going to maintain your blog. By now you have been blogging for at least 10 weeks, it might be a good idea to review how it is going. It is also a good time to think about how you will manage the blog longer term. Who will post? When will they have the time?

I would also like to collect some feedback on the bootcamp, I will probably send out yet another email next week with either some questions or a link to a survey.

Challenge: #ShareOurLearning
We have set up another blog:

The idea is to let class and school blogs share posts with each other by ‘sending’ some of their best posts to this blog.

This is how:
Create a new category or tag on your blog: shareourlearning
Make a post using that category or tag
Visit the page to join ShareOurLearning

And fill in the form, you will need the URL of your post.

I’ll add your blog into the mix. Whenever you have an interesting post that showcases what you are learning, categorize it shareourlearning, it will be cross posted to the #ShareOurLearning blog.

Once you are set up the cross posting happens automatically, it can take up to an hour to appear on the sharing blog.
Anyone trying to leave a comment on your post will click on the link and that will take them to your own blog.

This project is not limited to the bootcamp class blogs from around Scotland are invited to join in.

As usual get in touch if you have questions or need a hand.

Although the bootcamp is over I am always happy to talk about blogging:-)