Adding A Clustermap Widget

Update April 2015: shortly after we published this, clustermaps had some problems, you need to set up a new account to get your maps going again. The process has not changed.

Here is a short screencast on how to add a clustermap widget to your blogs sidebar. This will let you see how many visitors you have had and where they come from.

You can embed the video from this page on another Glow Blog using this code:
[video width="640" height="400" mp4="" poster=""][/video]


How to add a cluster-map:

  1. Copy the URL to your blog
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the URL into the url field and fill in your email address
  4. Submit the form
  5. Check your email and activate your account
  6. Check your mail for a second message and copy the new password.
  7. Log on to clustermaps
  8. Select the [B] Minimalist style of code
  9. Copy the code.
  10. Return to your blog. Add a text widget to your sidebar, paste in the code and save.

One thought on “Adding A Clustermap Widget”

  1. Thanks for this John. Having only recently launched the LfS blog in the last onth or so ( I am keen to get a picture of site visitors. Very easy to follow these steps and my clustermap is now proudly sitting on my sidebar. Thanks again.

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