Blogging Bootcamp Week 5

As usual we will have Glow Meets at 2:00pm and 4:15pm on Tuesdays.

2:00pm meet
4:15 meet

Week 5 Slides pptx


This week we will be focusing on posting audio and video. It is also a chance to ask any technical questions. Please bring these up in the Glow Meet or better still drop me a mail so that I can be prepared.

We will also be looking a ways you can join in with communities of bloggers: Making connections Quad blogging, #shareourlearning, the local and global community.

Handbook of Digital Storytelling from Digital Commmonwealth team is a resource which helps people develop digital storytelling skills. Highly recommended.


Review of your blogging so far. What has worked? How are you going to take this forward? Review classroom organisation.

I would also like to collect some feedback on the bootcamp, I will probably send out yet another email next week with either some questions or a link to a survey.


  • join #shareourlearning
  • Make a post using audio or video
  • Review of bootcamp
  • Continue to comment and connect.