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As a class, we have been exploring the theme of Bullying. We identified Bullying as a main theme/idea of Chapter 9 of our class novel, ‘Why the Whales Came’ and began to explore this theme in a variety of different ways. We created Mind Maps of the bullying events in our novel and we looked at different kinds of bullying in society today. We enjoyed watch a CBBC drama were famous people highlighting the importance of dealing with bullying. Pupils then asked if they could create their own dramas about bullying which we really enjoyed making! We also planned and produced an information leaflet all about bullying.






In #MysterySkype we all had a different job to do like looking up information and talking.We all answered questions and came up with questions and the place we got was Philadelphia in America.

We asked them lots of questions like are you in the Northern Hemisphere? We had computers and the whiteboard to help us.

We gave away easy answers and said we were in Glasgow but they gave us hard questions.

We eventually got there and made it and we learnt a lot and at the end we all sang jingle bells and I learned Philadelphia was in America, we learned about a lot of places because we all had to look at maps, and we learned to work together and to build up lots of teamwork.


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In #MysterySkype our teacher set up a call with a different class in a different country. The country we got was Moscow in Russia.

We asked them questions like what hemisphere they were in and what continent they were in.

Finally we narrowed it down to find out if they were in the capital city.

Once we finished we asked them some questions they sang a song for us and we sang our school song for them. At the end we all sang Jingle Bells together.


Bellbaxter is huge. Can’t wait to go up to it next year. I’m going to love  it there. The computer suit is so high tech, the gym has great equipment, the cooking looks fun. And the books oh the greatness.

P6/7s Week of Excitement

Hi World,

We have had another super busy week. On Monday we had a rehearsal for our WW2 sharing assembly and are improving with our lines hugely. Tuesday came quickly. We went to the book fair to look at some books. We then completed the Anne Frank books we started making on the I Pads last week. On Wednesday we all met in the hall at 11’o clock for a 2 minute silence. We completed the floor book ready for the open afternoon the next day. We then did French, revising the 4 basic questions. On Thursday we had an assembly. In the afternoon we had German with Frau Rosmanith. We played battle ships which were helping us to revise our numbers and alphabet. After German we had an open afternoon. This is when parents come in for the afternoon to look at all your work with you. While some parents were in we had the task of designing a war memorial. Today the whole school came in onesies and wellies to raise money for Children In Need. We also had a bake sale during break. We managed to raise £160.25. We had another rehearsal and are getting even better than on Monday and are getting excited for our actual performance. We have been very busy this week and are ready for our weekend again.

P6/7s Onesies in aid of Children In Need.


P6/7’s Fabulous Week

Hi world,

This week we have been super busy doing lots of interesting things. On Monday we came in and had an exciting play rehearsal with another class. Our play is based on WW2 which is our topic this term. We came in on Tuesday morning to have a special assembly because a visitor came in called Graham.  He was telling us about a story from the bible. We also learned a bit about Anne Frank and had a computer tour of the secret annexe. On Wednesday we had P.E and we did gymnastics. Then we did Literature Circles. This is a meeting we have in groups about a bit of a certain book that we have read. In the afternoon we made books on I Pads with an app called book creator about Anne Frank in groups. On Thursday we had another assembly. This one was the one we have every week.  After that our class and P5/6 walked to the war memorial which is just down the road from the school. Here we laid crosses and sang The White Cliffs of Dover. In the afternoon we had German with Frau Rosmanith. We learned about St. Martin’s Day with her. We also learned a song. Today we had an assembly about Remembrance Day and why we use poppies. We then had another play rehearsal. We did some French and then did art. This week we have been very busy being fabulous and we are ready for our weekend.