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In #MysterySkype our teacher set up a call with a different class in a different country. The country we got was Moscow in Russia.

We asked them questions like what hemisphere they were in and what continent they were in.

Finally we narrowed it down to find out if they were in the capital city.

Once we finished we asked them some questions they sang a song for us and we sang our school song for them. At the end we all sang Jingle Bells together.

Halloween acrostic poem

Halloween is just around the corner

And there will be lots of scary costumes

Lots of children going gysing

Lots of sweets

Outstanding decorations

Weather in the fall is so cold on Halloween night

Every Halloween the houses are scary

Every house has lots of scary pumpkins on there front door

Now we carve pumpkins because they are plentiful bigger and much easier to carve Happy Halloween


Halloween is coming soon,

All of the decorations are going up,

Little children all walking about,

Lot’s of sweets and much, much more,

Over to the neighbours to tell some jokes,

Werewolves are howling at the moon,

Everyone will be running with fear,

Everyone will be awake at night,

Not one single soul will not be scared!!!

By Zoe D

 ©Natural History Museum. Licensor www.scran.ac.uk.

©Natural History Museum. Licensor www.scran.ac.uk.

The Bield

This term we are going to the Bield. We did drama and we made sharp movements at first we did it in singles then pared up then we made a group of 4 and next time we are going to do it in groups of 8. The next group played games like skoosh splat, wink murder, tig and duck duck goose. The third group a.k.a the climbers were climbing in a room about 1 meter wide and 30 meters high.  We had a lot of fun the first 2 groups swapped around

by Aaron C, Usmaan W and Cameron I