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Each week there will be technical tasks, suggested discussions or things to think about and blogging challenges.

On the preceding Friday we will send out an email followed  by a blog post on Monday morning outlining and providing support for   the activities for the week.
On Tuesdays there will be 2 Glow Meets, one at 2pm for classes and one at 4:15pm for teachers
These meets will discuss the weeks activities the earlier one focusing on the discussion and the later on the technical aspects although we will cover both at least briefly. There will be a an opportunity for classes to join in discussions in earlier sessions via chat and shared whiteboard. The later meet will focus on technical questions.

Week 1

  • Day Glow Meet: Why Blog, what is a blog? How to post to a blog, titles, categories, tags. What do we want to look like to our audience, safety, our appearance.
  • Evening Meet: Setting up a blog, adding users, first post, adding a header, categories and tags.
  • Challenges: 1. Introduce yourselves. 2. post on why you are going to blog? categorise as bootcamp.

Week 2

  • Day Glow Meet: Images, why use them, legal and safe, Using nicknames to keep safe Commenting.
  • Evening Meet: Comment settings, Plugins (14 Colors), Images
  • Challenges: A picture of learning. Class poem, what are we like, bio-poem. Categorise as bootcamp.

Week 3

  • Day Glow Meet: Using nicknames to keep safe Commenting. Classroom organisation. Screenshots and links.
  • Evening Meet: Widgets, Themes and Plugins, Classroom organisation.
  • Challenges: 1. posts on what we are learning in class. 2. Post favourite websites 3. Comment on 3 other posts.

Week 4

  • Day Glow Meet: Why would you use, text, images, audio, video.
  • Evening Meet: Media, audio, video, embeds, galleries etc….
  • Challenges: photo challenges. (abstract ideas that the blogs respond to) do 5 out of 10, comment on 5 other blogs posts.

Week 5

  • Day Glow Meet: Review Audio & Video. Making connections Quad blogging, #shareourlearning,  the local and  global community.
  • Evening Meet: Technical Questions, Classroom Organisation, Review of bootcamp.
  • Challenges: 1. join #shareourlearning,  2Make a post using audio or video, 3.Review of bootcamp. Continue to comment and connect.

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