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In #MysterySkype we all had a different job to do like looking up information and talking.We all answered questions and came up with questions and the place we got was Philadelphia in America.

We asked them lots of questions like are you in the Northern Hemisphere? We had computers and the whiteboard to help us.

We gave away easy answers and said we were in Glasgow but they gave us hard questions.

We eventually got there and made it and we learnt a lot and at the end we all sang jingle bells and I learned Philadelphia was in America, we learned about a lot of places because we all had to look at maps, and we learned to work together and to build up lots of teamwork.


Haunted houses and howling winds.

A ghostly shadow.

Lurking in the boys bathroom.

Late pupils turn to ghosts.

Old and scary screams echo through the assembly.

Weird school dinners of eyeballs and slime.

Eerie voices can be heard.

Edge of the graveyard can be a ghastly site.

Nowhere to go think, think,  think!!!

by Brett

Bield Hall

Primary 7 went to the Bield Hall for the 2nd time, This time in Drama we got into groups of 8 to make a giant machine and made sharp movements to the music.

In Sports we played d0dge ball in teams there was a game of every man for themselves and then superhero dodge ball, We thought it was fun.

The climbing wall is lots of fun there is a bell in the middle section at the top. Our instructor will teach us how to climb the wall :)


Netball Tournament

On Wednesday we found out who made it into the netball tournament team. The names got picked out of a hat. Sophie, Lucy, Emily, Zoe, Morven, Samia, Aislinn and Ewan all made the team. We all trained on Thursday even the people that didn’t make the team. All of the people that made the team went into the one team to get used to each other. We all hope that we win on Monday. Wish us luck!!!

School Football Team


Goalkeepers  Radley and Callum

Defenders Ben, Matthew, Robbie and James

Midfielders Owen, Caden, Ewan, Jack and Jake

Strikers  Lewis and Ross 


Scores So Far


Thorn-1 West-11    Scorers Caden Lewis Jake

Wallace-1 West-8    Scorers Caden  Lewis  Owen  James

kilbrchan-4 West-6  Scorers  Lewis Matthew Caden Jake


Training this week was good