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Course Choice Information Evening

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We hosted the first ever Course Choice Evening on Tuesday, 15 January.  The evening was well received by parents, pupils and partners with more than 300 people attending the event.

During the evening, guests received a presentation from Ms Penrose informing them about the new curriculum model and process for course choice for the upcoming academic year.  Presentations were also given by Fife College to launch the new School College Partnership and Lisa Devine, part of the Foundation Apprenticeship team from Fife Council, who discussed the offer of Foundation Apprenticeships within the school.

Participants had the opportunity to speak to Careers Advisors from SDS, staff from The Open University, representatives from Fife College, our own faculty staff and colleagues from Fife Council’s Foundation Apprenticeship Team.

We would like to extend our ‘thanks’ to everyone who made the event such as success.

Course choice – Key information for parents of current S3-S5 pupils

The course choice TOOLs websites for inputting ‘mock’ course choices for Session 2019-2020 opened at 5pm today and will close at 9am on Monday 21st January, 2019.

Course choice can be found in the Learning section of the website.

Following on from our parental information evening on Tuesday, 15th January please find below important points to note when completing course choice electronically:

S3 into S4

  • In order to maximise potential to achieve, young people will choose 7 subjects for S4 from the existing 9 subjects which they are currently studying in S3.
  • Anyone who is looking for an exceptional case to ‘drop’ an S3 subject for a brand new choice must see Mr Gibbons this week (Thursday 17th & Friday 18th, January) before they finalise their choices online.
  • Places are not allocated on a first come first served basis.  This initial process is to determine the course choice column sheet.

S4 into S5 and S5 into S6

  • Young people must enter a choice for all 5 subject columns in S5 and S6.
  • Choices are entered  in order of preference.
  • There are no longer personal study periods in S5 or S6.  Exceptional cases – see below – in S6 will be reviewed after entries are made.
  • S6 will now only receive personal study periods to support particular workload e.g. where three Advanced Highers are being studied, to undertake art folio work for AH Art.
  • Please note, after particular interest from parents and young people at the information evening, there will now be the option to study the HNC Administration & Information Technologies in one year over S6 only.  Anyone wishing to select this option will need to select this twice by choosing both S6 options of this course online.
  • On a similar note, the Foundation Apprenticeships (FA) will now also be made available to S6 on a one year basis.  Please ensure this is selected in the appropriate column.  FAs will run at Bell Baxter unless numbers do not support this.

If you have any queries or issues with the TOOLs online course choice system, please contact the dedicated email address

Mr M. Gibbons
Depute Rector

School Colours – Nominations deadline

Just a reminder that the deadline for nominating pupils to be considered for School Colours is Friday, 18th January.  A copy of the Nomination Form and criteria used to award School Colours can be found on our School Colours page.

The Colours system forms just one part of the way in which achievement is celebrated at Bell Baxter and they can be awarded for outstanding school achievement in the following areas:

•Curricular Achievement.
•Aesthetic and Creative Achievement.
•Sporting Achievement.
•Service to the School.
•Service to the Community.
•Wider Achievement.

Completed nomination forms should be emailed to Bell Baxter Enquiries.