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Meet more of the “Darien” cast!

We would like to introduce you to Murdo McFarlane’s wife, Elspeth, and some of her fellow travellers.  The women will be heading into the unknown as they accompany the men to the Darien Gap.

It looks like the journey and new life will bring its own challenges for all of the settlers.

Tickets are now on sale from The Byre Theatre.

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Photograph credit: Lifetime Photography

Meet the cast!

Over the next few weeks we will introduce you to the cast of the upcoming production, “Darien: The commonplace book of Murdo McFarlane”.

Today, meet Murdo McFarlane and some of his fellow settlers as they fight to start a new life, facing an uncertain future, in the treacherous Darien Gap.

Tickets are now on sale from The Byre Theatre.

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Photograph credit: Lifetime Photography

Jannie’s Hoose garden

Earlier this session the Pupil Council and School Fund set up an account for us to begin the task of improving  the Jannie’s Hoose garden.

The ‘Tuesday morning S2 boys group’ worked alongside the youth workers from the Cupar Youth Café and Lesley Pringle, Community Education Worker, to come up with a focus for the group.  We decided to target the two neglected and weed-filled raised beds just behind the Jannie’s Hoose.  The boys cleared the ground, painted the planters and decorated them with spray paint.  The planters have also been filled with vegetables, a couple of fruit bushes and some herb plants (which we have already begun using when we have a cooked breakfast together!).

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their time working on this project and have gained a Youth Achievement Award which can form part of a Dynamic Youth Award next year.

I would like to thank all those who were involved in helping with this project – in particular, the financial support from the Pupil Council and the School Fund, Lewis, Ian, Lesley  and James Strachan from S6 who worked in the garden each week  throughout the session.

Mrs L. Jeffrey